6 Steps in Choosing a Financial Product – Good Housekeeping Money Matters

good housekeeping money matters

Do you know why Filipinos get easily scammed? It’s because we buy products or services that we do not truly understand. We also love get-rich-quick schemes. I mean, who doesn’t want to get rich in the shortest time possible? But every single time, we hear people regret decisions of signing themselves up with such schemes because instead of gaining, they lost their investment.


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Grand Graduation of McDonald’s Kiddie Crew

The McDonald’s Kiddie Crew workshop is a five-day workshop that provides kids an opportunity to experience what it’s like to work in a restaurant. Incorporated in the learning experience are time tested values like teamwork, hard work, discipline, responsibility and sharing.

Jackie Lou Blanco and Dominique Roque hosted this year’s Mcdo Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation program. Ronald and the Gang also performed and they had this McDonald’s race which the kiddie crew graduates helped Ronald win.

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Food Tasting at McCormick Flavor Nation

mccormick flavor nation

The brand McCormick became known to me because of their tea bags. Anyone remembers the green box and the individual plastic container for each tea bag with the word “McCormick” printed? Yeah, that’s the one. Then, I learned about their curry powder. And as the years go by, I started to learn more about herbs and spices as I find my way into the kitchen to explore the art of cooking. I also use McCormick food coloring and vanilla extract in my baking. So there, I can safely say that I am indeed a fan of McCormick.

There were 4 chefs that shared their creations. Given that I had two stubs, I was able to get two of everything! I only got to taste 3 out of the 4 though. I didn’t get the kare-kare since it had bagoong and I am allergic.

Here are the 4 dishes served during the event:

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Make Brushing More Fun With Colgate Minions!

colgate minions

Brushing kids’ teeth can be such a core at times, especially when they are in their toddler to preschool years. Don’t you agree? Z loves “brushing” but he doesn’t really brush his teeth. He’s more than likely to just chew on his toothbrush and eat all the toothpaste. LOL! I have been replacing his toothbrush on a monthly basis because he makes it his chew toy.

It’s been quite difficult letting Z getting accustomed to brushing as I think his gums are overly sensitive. Kids with Down syndrome are usually known to have some sensory issues and it makes it difficult to get them to finish the task of brushing his teeth.

So, how do I make brushing more fun for him?

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Of Nap Times and Bedtimes

nap times and bedtimes

Nap times and bedtimes are one of the few moments that Z and I spend together that I really love. I only get to put him to bed at night on the weekends and when I have to stay home during the week. So I make it up during nap times before I leave for work.

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My Mother’s Day Weekend at SM Aura

Overall, regardless of the day or the time, I am so honored to be a mom to a very special boy. My son has brought me so much joy since he came to my life. He forced me to become a better person and to push myself further to achieve my goals. Most of all, he showed me how it feels to be loved and to love unconditionally. For that alone, I am thankful.

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Mother’s Day Special – Thank You, Mama!

Thank you for not giving up on us, even when we have given you so much headache and heartache in our younger years. 🙂

Now that I am a mom myself, I am starting to realize how hard it is to be you. With everything that our family has gone through, you have shown strength, courage and determination. And a lot of love and patience.

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Cooking with Liz: Corn, Bacon and Mushroom Chowder

corn bacon and mushroom chowder

Eversince I started creating my weekly menu plans, Z’s nanny had an easier time cooking our meals during the week. She no longer has to decide on her own or wait for me to tell her what to cook. Menu planning has definitely made our lives easier. No kidding on that, especially for a working mom like me.

However, on weekends, I take over the reigns in the kitchen. Weekends are the times when I am able to cook something that is not usually included in our plans. I get to experiment on different recipes or even come up with my own.

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