Going Back to Basics

It’s been months since I’ve updated this blog. I’m not even sure if someone has been visiting my site recently. Not that I mind though. Do people still read blogs by the way? I’m not so sure. I guess more are into video content these days.

I’ve been lost on how to move forward with this blog for quite a while. So I left it be. Which made me think. Ever since I went dot com, I somewhat lost sight of why I started this in the first place. I got suck into the technicalities and possible income generation that a blog can do that I slowly lost the essence of the stories I wanted to share to technical requirements.

I’m not saying that it was a bad thing. I mean, if one really wanted to generate income from blogging, being knowledgeable on the technical know-how is the key especially in generating traffic. Well, I guess this blog was not meant to be that way.

I created this blog to share stories of my journey into motherhood. Sharing stories about the hardships, the wins, the uncertainties and possibly finding myself in the middle of it all. Writing content for content’s sake is not at all satisfying nor has it been my strong suit.

Though I don’t have plans of giving up this blog, I don’t know where this is going either. All I know is that I still want to write. I want to tell stories. And it doesn’t matter if a lot of people gets to read it. If there will be one or two persons stay and read, that already makes me happy.

Content planning is not my strong suit so don’t expect me to post content regularly, though. And so, from hereon, I will be writing just as how I used to write my stories when I started. Moving forward, you may find some of my brain farts, new hobbies, thoughts on certain things, definitely about my motherhood journey, and anything and everything under the sun. My motherhood journey is definitely not bounded by just being a mom. My son’s and my journey into this chaotic world consists of anything and everything in between.

And so, I go back to the basics. I hope you will be able to still join me in this chaotic journey into mommyhood.

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