Z’s New Toy Shelf

I love putting together shelves. Doesn’t matter if it is made of plastic, wood, wood grains or what-not. There’s just that sense of accomplishment and fulfilment after you put it all together.

Z doesn’t have a toy shelf. I mean, a real toy shelf. We used my old bookshelf for his toys. And, since my books were still in a box and never seen the light of day until last year, the old bookshelf was free for him to use.

Shelves made of particle boards will not really last very long, especially if it holds heavy items for long periods of time. The shelves will eventually sag until it falls apart. Luckily, the old shelf I had survived. But since it was under direct sunlight and sometimes the top gets wet when it rains (it is placed against a window that is always open), the shelf started to fall apart.

Given that it was bought in 2008 and lasted for 10 years, it definitely lasted more than I ever thought it would.

new toy shelf - old shelf
My old bookshelf turned toy shelf, now for disposal

I searched for toy shelves in stores and online a few years ago but I only got around to buying one this month. Since I do not like the ones I’ve seen sold in physical stores, I resorted to finding a seller online. I found a few that sells the one I want and asked around. I finally settled buying from Toys4Tots. More on them later.

The shelf was delivered last May 5 via Grab. And to my excitement, I went on to assemble it. No breakfast, lunch, or even coffee! LOL!

Here’s the work in progress:

New toy shelf - unboxing
Shelf pieces in a neat pile
new toy shelf - parts
Counting all parts to ensure everything is complete

It took me a good 20 minutes trying to figure out what went on what based on the assembly diagram. Until I realized that I could check the photo of the actual shelf to know what it should look like. Effect of not having anything in the stomach prior to working, I guess. LOL!

But once I figured it out, everything went smoothly. The pieces have holes drilled in them so all I needed to do was to screw them together. That made the assembly a lot easier.

new toy shelf - first part
Finally figured out which part connects to which hole
new toy shelf first layer
First layer all done!

I was actually sad to have finished it so soon. 20 minutes after, the shelf was done.

new toy shelf finished good
All done in 20 minutes

This is what it looks like will all of Z’s toys:

new toy shelf
Z’s new toy shelf

I still need to better organize those toys but hey, I love it. I’m sure the little boy will love it too once he’s back.

Going back to the seller, Toys4Tots. I found them on Facebook. They weren’t my first option, to be honest. But since the first seller didn’t have this particular shelf on hand, I decided to get one from the next available seller who has it. They didn’t have it on hand, exactly. But they had stocks arriving, so there.

3 Things I like about Toys4Tots

Responsiveness. I always ask questions prior to buying online, especially if the price is in the 4-digit range and above. So I like that the seller always answered my questions and have been helpful with some information as well. They were even very helpful after delivery. They are also very polite and friendly in their response even if I had all sorts of questions every now and then.

Coordination. They coordinate with you before they ship your item. They would want to ensure that you will receive your item on the day you want it delivered. And they check for lower delivery rates and inform you before they ship. You don’t get surprises in this aspect.

Payment. Their payment is through BDO so for those with BDO accounts, it is easy to transfer payment to them. There’s a BDO branch in my office building which makes it convenient for me as well. Though I had my friend transfer the payment for me and I transferred it to her other bank since I was not able to go to the branch. Just send a screenshot of the deposit slip or online transaction completion to them.¬†And they don’t ask for payment when they don’t have the stocks on hand yet. They will let you know when they have it and you can pay before they ship.

Will I buy from them again? Well, if they have something I need, I definitely will. Check them out. Here’s their contact details:

new toy shelf contact
Toys4Tots contact details

Facebook: Toys4totsph
Instagram: @toys4tots_ph
Mobile: +639171270828

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