Istorya Creations: The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Istorya Creations

Looking for a gift for a loved one for their birthday or your anniversary? Or maybe just a reward to yourself? Why not give them or yourself a handcrafted piece of jewelry that can be customized to tell your own story? Why not give them something from Istorya Creations?

I learned about Istorya a few years ago when Manila Mommy had a blog giveaway. Long story short, I won and had my first ever customized necklace. I wore it every day for almost three years, until I lost the pendant due to a loose jump ring.

Istorya Creations Amore
My very first Istorya Creations necklace – the Amore. Normally comes with 3 tags but I decided to get 2 tags for Zaine’s and my name

After a long time planning to order a replacement, I only got to finally do it last January. I realized that I needed a few accessories for a wedding and I didn’t have something appropriate for it. I was thinking of getting the same design as the last one but went with a different one. This time, I got the Amelia with three rings. I ordered in the wee hours of January 16 and was surprised when it was delivered after 3 days.

The package came like this:

Istorya Creations packaging
Carefully wrapped with a personalized, handwritten note

I didn’t go with special packaging anymore since this was for me but let me tell you, their regular box is very pretty.

istorya creations box
Simple yet sophisticated box

And this is what the Amelia design looks like:

istorya creations necklace
the Amelia 🙂

Pretty, isn’t it? I totally love it. The box contains their contact as well as social media accounts. It also comes with a polish pad with cleaning instructions.

istorya creations polish pad
Polish pad with care instructions

What I love about Istorya Creations pieces is that it could go with any outfit. You can wear it with every day casual wear or with a formal evening wear. It went well with the dress I wore for the wedding I attended a couple of weeks ago.

Istorya Creations formal
It went perfectly with my rose gold dress 🙂

Apart from necklaces, they also have bracelets, bangles, cuffs, lockets, keychains, and keepsakes. According to their website, they also do custom orders if you want something else apart from the designs they have.

If you’re interested in their pieces, check out their website and Facebook and Instagram accounts for details.





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