Coffee Time with the Family at Cafe Yagam

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It’s been a long time before we were able to go home to Baguio, aka the mountain city, for vacation. We went home last week for a 5-day vacation to spend time with family for the All Saints’ Day holiday. And just like any other vacations we’ve had, we try to at least have coffee or whatever at a new place, well, new for me, that is.

I’ve been hearing good things about Cafe Yagam so I was eager to try the place out. So on the last day of October, after visiting my sister to find gold from her stocks of clothes (aka ukay-ukay for sale – I found two very nice tops!), we headed to Cafe Yagam for our afternoon coffee treat.

Cafe yagam
Cafe Yagam signage along the road

Situated in a residential area, the house-turned-coffee shop has that feel that makes you feel right at home. They have wooden floors, wooden tables and chairs and big windows that lets the cool mountain breeze in. The surrounding area is quiet, too, and none of the city’s usual hustle and bustle. It’s a perfect place for people wanting to enjoy the cool Baguio weather and to have conversations with friends.

Cafe Yagam half view
A part of the dining area
Cafe Yagam fireplace
A closer look of the fireplace turned display area

Cafe Yagam roasts their own coffee beans. Their coffee is freshly ground as well. They serve your traditional brewed coffee as well as spirited coffee, too.

Cafe yagam drinks menu
Beverage menu
Cafe yagam food
Food menu

Since it was almost 4PM when we went there, we only ordered coffee and a little something to munch on. My mom and I got paper drip, medium roast and strength coffee each while my brother, Reis, got a latte. As for food, we got nachos and pesto pasta for my brother.

I enjoyed the fresh salsa for the nachos though my brother found it a bit acidic. The chili con carne dip tasted like bolognese. It was okay but I was not really a fan of it. I didn’t get to taste the pasta but my brother said it was okay. I’ve heard that Cafe Yagam serves great Cordilleran dishes, though. But since it was only about 4PM and we just had pinikpikan and biko (sticky rice cake) a few days before, we were not really in the mood for something heavy to eat. Maybe next time, though.

Nachos with fresh salsa and chili con carne dip for only Php120
Pesto pasta for Php 145

Their coffee is what I enjoyed the most. The drip coffee I ordered was already good for 2 cups and it was only for Php 65. And I added Php 10 for the milk. A total of Php75 for 2 cups of freshly ground, freshly brewed medium roast, medium strength coffee. What’s not to love?

cafe yagam coffee
Paper drip, medium roast, medium strength coffee with milk. One serving is good for 2 cups!

All in all, I enjoyed the short afternoon that we spent there. I couldn’t remember what we actually talked about but I sure will be visiting this cafe again when I get back home to the mountain city. There’s a few more things that I would like to try from their menu that looks so good in the photos I’ve seen so far. That is definitely something to look forward to.

cafe yagam family time
Coffee time 🙂

Cafe Yagam
Open from 11AM to 11PM
Address: 25 J.Felipe Street, Lualhati, Baguio, 2600 Benguet
Phone: (074) 442 3805



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