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One of the things that I enjoy doing whenever I get the chance to go home to the mountain city is to visit cafes and other food places. Food places in Baguio are sprouting like mushrooms and it will take me a long time to try them all. You see, I rarely go home to Baguio nowadays especially since the little boy is already here in the big metro with me.

Last Sunday, the little boy and I met up with my Mom after church so we can go have coffee. She suggested Sweet Stop at La Azotea Building. I didn’t know that they are now a cafe to be honest. They used to have this kiosk at the entrance of La Azotea with displays of their delectable cupcakes and other pastries.

In fact, back in 2011, I ordered cupcakes from them for my parents’ renewal of vows. I got 100 pieces of banana cupcake with buttercream frosting. I remember ordering more than what I was supposed to get because the cupcakes were really good. The buttercream was not sweet, it just had this right amount of sweetness to complement the soft banana cupcake.

sweet stop baguio
Banana Cupcake with buttercream frosting and sprinkles

Anyway, I didn’t know that Sweet Stop now has a cafe. It is still located at La Azotea Building in Session Road. You can’t miss it since it is just at the left side of the building entrance, where the sports shop (from what I can remember) used to be.

I like their set up, too. Not that I was able to get a photo of the whole place because it is hard taking pictures with the little boy wanting to be held all the time. LOL! But here’s a few of the wall decors they have:

sweet stop baguio wall art
This is a big one at the center of the wall – a collage of cupcakes and pies 🙂

You can’t miss this wall art because it is one of the things that you will first see when you enter:

sweet stop baguio fam bam
There’s the wall art at the background, see? It is big!
sweet stop baguio wall art 2
This one’s at one of the posts

The menu is simple and can be easily read at the top and their cupcake and cake displays are mouth-watering.

sweet stop baguio counter
At the counter: easy to read menu at the top, delectable cupcakes and cakes on display

Here’s a closer look on the sweets:

sweet stop baguio cuppies

sweet stop baguio cuppies 2

I couldn’t decide what to order but I settled on a slice of chocolate cake and carrot cake. I also got creamy pesto for the little boy and a tuna sandwich for my mom. And two orders of brewed coffee that were served in a french press.

sweet stop baguio cake slices
Carrot cake, Php65. Chocolate cake, Php60. Both moist and not too sweet. Perfect pairs for a strong brew

The cakes were really good. Both were very moist and not too sweet. It was perfect for brewed coffee. The tuna sandwich was also good. What I liked about it is the generous amount of fresh vegetables added. You know you’re in Baguio when you get generous servings of fresh vegetables in your dish. And this was no exemption. This is also good for sharing.

sweet stop baguio sandwich
Tuna sandwich with fresh vegetables, Php95. This can be for sharing.

The little boy was restless that afternoon because he didn’t take his nap. He was getting a bit cranky that I had to hand him my phone so he can watch his shows in YouTube. So I forgot to take a photo of the creamy pesto. LOL!

Overall, I liked the ambiance of the place. It has the light and bright and relaxing feel that just lets you enjoy your cup of joe while watching the busy Session Road outside the window. I will definitely be back to this place again.

sweet stop baguio

If you’re looking for a coffee place in Baguio, just in the heart of Session Road you can find Sweet Stop Baguio.

Sweet Stop
Ground Floor La Azotea
Session Road, Baguio City
(074) 423-3738
(074) 619-1229

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