Teacher Yaya: A Workshop For Your Assistant

Finding a nanny is hard. Finding a good nanny is harder. And my family and I have experienced it first hand. But just like any employee, if we find a good one, we take care of them. Not only do we provide them with the care that they need, since they are under our protection, we – as their employers – also need to invest in them for them to enhance their skills. Besides, we are the ones who will benefit from it in the first place, right?

So when I saw The Learning Basket’s workshop for nannies entitled: “Teacher Yaya: A Workshop For Your Assistant“, I got excited and checked it out immediately.


The workshop tackled on the following topics:

Sometimes, it’s better to hear the following from somebody other than one’s employers:

  • A yaya’s special role in a child’s life
  • How to understand a child’s actions and not think that he is “naughty”
  • How to respond to one’s alaga
  • Why TV and tablets are not good for kids below three years old
  • Why and how to play with one’s alaga, depending on age

Let us show your yaya…

  • The importance of her job
  • A more positive way of looking at the children under her care
  • A more informed way of caring for your children

The topics may seem to be very basic but believe me, even if we tell this to our nannies, I agree that it is still better when they hear these things from someone else. It gives them an unbiased information and would make them realize that is right.

I signed up Z’s nanny to the workshop and told her about it. She didn’t really have that excited reaction, rather it was more kind of skeptic reaction, even. LOL! I didn’t mind since I didn’t really tell her the details. So, on the morning of July 9, while I prepped Z for therapy, I sent my nanny to the workshop. I booked her a Grab car and told her to figure out her way back home. 🙂

teacher yaya workshop
During the workshop.. Photo c/o The Learning Basket

That night, I asked her how it was. She said it was okay, it was good. She was surprised that there were a lot of attendees. Then she went on to tell me that she met another nanny who was sent by her employers to the venue through Uber and was having a hard time figuring out how to go back home. 🙂 She and my nanny tagged along until they got to the MRT station. LOL!

It’s been almost a week since the workshop and every now and then, Z’s nanny would say, “we were taught in the workshop that…” and would relate whatever she learned with what Z is currently doing. It is really nice to hear that Z’s nanny learned from the workshop and is currently applying whatever she learned as well.

I am glad to have decided to send Z’s nanny to the workshop as it is having a positive impact on her as well.

Oh and she came home with these goodies 🙂

teacher yaya loot
Loot from the workshop 🙂

Thank you, The Learning Basket. Looking forward to more workshops. 🙂



The Learning Basket (TLB) is a parenting resource hub that inspires parents to be hands-on with their children’s development and learning. We empower even the busiest working moms to be their children’s first and best teacher.



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  1. I think every household who have a nanny should check out workshops like this. the nannies are our PARTNERS in raising our kids so they should be well equipped 🙂

  2. This is really a nice workshop so at least yaya knows her role and importance. I remember the bread making class that I attended last week, househelp yung isa dun. Sosyal di ba, her employer is paying for her cooking and baking class.

    1. Wow! But then again, I think sending them to workshops make the yayas feel valued as a person din. Pero d ako ata afford to send my yaya to cooking and baking class. 😛

  3. We don’t have a Yaya for my little one but I think this kind of workshops for the nannies are really great. I think our nannies should attend workshops like this para they know talaga hindi yung minsan iniisip na ang arte naman ni Ate or Kuya nila hehehe 😉

  4. It’s nice how we have these available to nannies na no? Unlike before yung pag aalaga nila sa mga bata is based on their past work experiences or sa utos lang ng employers. At least there are norms/ideals set na to follow. I don’t have a nanny for K but if we do, we’ll definitely have enroll her here.

  5. If I’d get a yaya again (that is if I’d work away from home again or a new baby), I will make her attend this workshop. Ang hirap-hirap kayang mag-train ng yaya lalo na kapag wala talagang alam sa pag-aalaga ng bata.

    1. So I’ve heard. I was fortunate enough to have found yayas na trained na though my Mom and sister had to retrain them pero more of tailor fitting them nalang sa needs ng baby ko. 😊

  6. Amazing that there are now workshops for yaya’s. It will really make them feel valued if they are developed. 🙂

  7. I like this! I’m actually looking for a group that does this, because I’m planning to have a yaya seminar for Gymboree Sta. Rosa nannies. I’m sure moms of our students would appreciate it. 🙂

  8. That’s a cool workshop for yayas ! One thing I liked most is that it taught the yayas their value. I think it’s important for the nanny to know that they are valued as persons and trusted by parents that’s why they have their jobs.

  9. This is really good for yayas, to help them on how to take care of our kids. After all, it’s our children that matter the most.

  10. That’s very nice of you. This workshop will benefit both of you. I believe every nanny should have a proper workshop like this.

  11. Natawa ako when you wrote that you let her figure out by herself how to get home hahaha, but at least she was able to find a way. This is such a good workshop! Good job on also giving your yaya importance by educating her. 🙂

  12. Sabi nga nila kasama sa home work efficiency na we also take care of our yayas or nannies para di naman sila nagfefeel na iba sila sa atin. This workshop is a way for them to also enhance their skills parang professionalization din diba? 🙂

  13. I love The Learning Basket. 🙂 We no longer hire helpers so we won’t be needing to send anyone to this workshop but I was able to help organize one before (for a different company) and so I had a chance to hear everything that was taught. I really recommend helpers to attend these things.

  14. This is a very good move on your side. To provide the necessary things for our children means to also surround them with people who are well trained in and out to help us fulfill our roles as a mother. HAts off to you. =)

  15. As much as I want to send yayas here, wag nalang. Yayas these days are hard and don’t often last long. Ayoko gumastos for them. LOL

  16. It’s nice to know that your yaya paid attention to the lessons imparted at the seminar and that she’s applying what she learned. I’m happy for you.

    1. I agree! 🙂 I really do think we should also consider yaya trainings when we hire yayas. We would be the one who will benefit in the end anyway. 🙂

  17. I just hope there was this kind of talk/workshop when we had yaya before. Our relationship would have been nicer. Nway, i love workshops like this. Very helpful not just to the attendees but to the parenta as well.

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