Doctor, Doctor, I am Sick…

while waiting for his turn to be checked by the doctor...

I was supposed to report to work the first half of the day. But then I had to text my supervisor to inform her that I will be on leave today. When I got home last night, little Z woke up and vomited. At around 6 in the morning, when he cuddled beside me, he was hot. Way opposite from his clammy skin the night before.

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The Graduate…

So my son had his usual eye check up this afternoon. It was surprising that there was no queue of patients that when we got to the clinic, my little Z was immediately called. Thirty minutes after getting there, we were done! 🙂 The fastest consultation schedule to date. LOL! Anyway, little Z had his lens extraction surgery last December (see here for the story) and had been on bi-monthly consultation schedule from January to first week of March. It was tedious and tiring for the first two months since every other week, I had to bring him down to […]

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Little Z had his eye check up again earlier this week. If last year we were getting a set of good news-bad news every single consultation, this time, the little boy has been getting good news all throughout. Well, with the exception of the swelling thing but again, that was a minor thing now compared than before. The doctor checked Z’s eyes again and found out that both eyes are now clear of all swelling. Healing is going good as well. We need to change his lenses though. He is currently using a +18.00 OU lens (somewhat a higher version […]

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Little Z’s Trip To The Eye Doctor

eye doctor

So, Little Z had his check up with the eye doctor earlier. Starting January this year, he has eye check up every two weeks. This is to ensure that his eyes are healing properly following his surgery last December. With the exception of the other week’s findings, his eyes appear to be healing properly.

But the other week, the eye doctor said Z’s eyes have swelling.

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