The Graduate…

So my son had his usual eye check up this afternoon. It was surprising that there was no queue of patients that when we got to the clinic, my little Z was immediately called. Thirty minutes after getting there, we were done! 🙂 The fastest consultation schedule to date. LOL!

Anyway, little Z had his lens extraction surgery last December (see here for the story) and had been on bi-monthly consultation schedule from January to first week of March. It was tedious and tiring for the first two months since every other week, I had to bring him down to the big metro for his consultation then bring him back home after a week’s stay here. After his March consultation, his doctor said that he is already a semi-graduate (see post here).

Today’s consultation had favorable results. Little Z will only consume what’s left of his eye drops and he should also continue wearing his glasses so his eye reflexes will further develop. It will also help in controlling his eye movements when he tries to focus on things. His next consultation is scheduled after three months. Yey! Well, unless there’s a need for one before July.

Little Z is now a graduate as confirmed by his eye doctor! Whoopee! 😀

Have I mentioned that my son loves taking his glasses off? He wears it for a few minutes then he will pull it off and chew it. He sometimes pushes it out of his head, too. But he pulls it down to his mouth more often. 🙂

Z's first time to wear glasses
Z’s first time to wear glasses
Z trying to take his glasses off
Z trying to take his glasses off
...and trying to pull it off again...
…and trying to pull it off again…
pulled it down to his face
pulled it down to his face
"Mum, can I take this off now?"
“Mum, can I take this off now?”

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