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So, I have been planning my little boy’s baby dedication for quite some time now. I haven’t been concentrating on it, really, but now that I realized that my target date is less than a month from now, I am now in crunch time mode.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

– I have finalized the date: April 12. 🙂

– I was able to talk to one of my Uncles who’s a pastor to officiate the dedication.

– I have been in contact with one of the restaurants in Baguio (which was suggested by another relative) for the past few weeks and now we are just finalizing the menu so I can pay the downpayment and reservation of the venue. (I was supposed to do this last weekend but given the circumstances, I was not able to prioritize it). I just sent the menu list a few minutes ago for pricing since what I wanted was not in their party package. I had to customize the menu since my guests will be a mix of adults and kids.

– I have been in contact with a few bakeshops in Baguio as well for cakes and/or cupcakes. So far, only one provided their pricing which is fine. I like their cupcakes anyway since it was where my cousin got their cupcakes for my nephew’s dedication last year.

– I have also talked to my brother to be the photographer during the event. It seems that it will coincide with a tentative event that they will cover but I guess my advantage there is, my date is already set. The other event has not yet been confirmed. Crossing my fingers on that.

– Initial invite has been sent out via Facebook last night (I do love the convenience of technology). As of press time, there are 16 guests who accepted and about 62 awaiting for response. 2 are unsure. The 16 who confirmed would have plus 1 or 2 guests with them (since there will be kids not included in the facebook invite which I have to take into account as well).

– Save the date video (though it actually lost its purpose) is 80% complete. I only have to lay out the audio then finalize it so I can upload it in the invite as well. (Well, I was supposed to work on this last weekend, too, but given that I lost all the photos that I intend to use, well, I had to make do with what I have).

I still need ideas for the souvenirs for the guests. I wanted something quite unique but for some reason I have already ran out of ideas. Something not expensive since I am low on funds, too. *Sigh*

Hmmm… So, what else have I forgotten? I think there are still a few things that I need to work out before the end of this month in preparation for my son’s dedication. Since I lost the spreadsheet that I have for that, I might as well start creating a new one. Better work on that now. 😀

I’ll be posting more on the planning in progress in the next coming days for sure. Photos included. I hope. 😀

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