Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!

snapshot from Accuweather.com
snapshot from Accuweather.com

It’s already 1:19AM in this side of the world but really, this heat is unforgiving. It’s 30 degrees Celcius with a real feel of 37 degrees. And it is even forecasted to go higher at 43 degrees within the day. Even my floor feels warm, as if the heat is coming from underneath.  Seriously, who can tolerate this heat?

Even at work, it seems that the airconditioning has been working overtime as well. A/C temperatures have been standardized but it seems that it needs to go a notch lower just to keep the temperature at a comfortable level. And while it feels comfortable to be inside, once you go out, the heat envelops you even before you step out of the building. The heat is draining and it is giving me a head ache. I’ve been having headaches for the past few days now because of this heat. Maybe because I am getting dehydrated and yet I keep forgetting to drink water.

It’s actually a wonder how my son is still able to sleep through this very warm weather. Even in the afternoon, I wonder how he is still able to take his nap. One thing I ensure though is that he has lots of liquid intake. As of now, he only drinks water and milk. Every 15 minutes, we let him drink water. Just to keep him hydrated. I also instructed his nanny to not go out of the compound in the afternoon because of this heat. They can go down by the pool side, though, the area is shaded and it is breezy. Given that my windows are facing west, it gets really warm in here in the afternoon so it would be best if they go to the pool side to cool down as well as to interact with the other kids. So far, it is working.

Buying an A/C unit is very, very tempting. Seriously. But looking my size of my room, and the fact that the windows are facing west, and given the heat that we are experiencing now, I think my electric bill would really skyrocket – way above my budget. And yet again, I have to think of the little boy’s comfort, too. He’s already having a hard time sleeping through the night because of this freaking heat and that thought alone makes me lean towards getting that A/C unit urgently.

I need to check on my finances and make some adjustments in my budget if I really decide on this. For now, this is the only solution that I could think of to ensure Z’s comfort and to help him get through this awfully, abnormally, warm weather. Or maybe buying another fan will do in the meantime. And while I contemplate more on that, I have to get back to giving the little boy a sponge bath to keep him comfortable while he sleeps.

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