Physical Therapy Wednesdays…

Since Z arrived in the big metro last February, he has been scheduled for a weekly session for physical therapy. He needs this to help him develop his gross motor skills such as walking, running, crawling, etc. While Z is already walking, he still needs to have his core muscles strengthened for him to have better balance.

Every Wednesday, this sleepless Momma needs to wake up early to bring the little boy to his weekly classes, as what I call it. His physical therapy session is done through play and I really like the play gym that MedMom has. They really have a great facility, I would say, given my limited knowledge of therapy centers for babies and toddlers. But really, their facility is great. 😛

While waiting for his session to start...
While waiting for his session to start…

Sometimes, when Z’s teacher is not on guard, and she is quite petite,  he would topple her. 😀 Given Z’s condition, a lot of people are amazed with his strength. During therapy, Z works on strengthening his core muscles, including posture. The exercises being done are mostly stretching and turning sideways (it was found out that Z can turn from his waist to one side but not much on the other), reaching above his head (so his back will straighten), walking up on elevated planks or on the slide, and lately, Z was put on a swing. His biggest accomplishment so far – standing up on a swing. Yipee!

physical therapy session
Stretching… still good, not too uncomfortable just yet…
PT Achievement: standing up on a swing :D
PT Achievement: standing up on a swing 😀

Z hated the swing when he first tried it as part of his occupational therapy back in Baguio. My sister sent a video of Z crying and just wanting the swing to stop. I think it had something to do with the motion though I really forgot the full explanation. Now, Z loves it. Whenever he sees that the swing is up, he would ignore his activites. 😛

trying to get up on the swing
trying to get up on the swing

In the short time that Z has been on physical therapy, his progress is actually amazing. He’s walking a lot better now, straighter and not much with his shoulders hunched up. He’s walking a lot better now, straighter and not much with his shoulders hunched up. His feet are not too far apart, too, when he takes steps and no longer depends on momentum when he walks. And when he goes through his toy box, he now squats and stands up on his own. He can even run better now. It won’t be long now until he starts running the way he should be. Z still has a long way to go but he is on the right track.

Now, we’re still trying to wait for a schedule to open in MedMom for occupational therapy at the same time, I am trying to find another therapy center for this in case there won’t be an available slot soon. I am hoping that there will be a slot for him though so at least his PT and OT will really complement each other since the teachers at the facility already knows Z and are familiar with his case. Crossing my fingers on that. 🙂


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