Beating the Summer Heat…

I don’t know with you guys, but this summer heat is killing me. It’s hard to sleep at night, it’s hard to go out during day time, it is so hard to move even. It feels like every ounce of energy is being sucked out of me regardless of what I do. On top of this heat, this Momma is sooo in need of a massage. I have been quite stressed out for some time now and I think I need a little relaxation. If only I can find the time to get a massage. Oh well.

Summer is already upon us on this side of the world and what better way to beat the heat than swimming, yeah? 😀 We didn’t leave the house today since it was really hot this afternoon. So after Z’s nap, we went down to the pool to cool down. Thank God this place has its own swimming pool, albeit small, it does the job. 🙂

Z loves the water. But most of the time, he just loves to splash. Swimming pools are not really a norm up in the mountain city (though there are a few resorts at the outskirts of the city and some of them have hot springs or heated pools), so the family rarely go on a swimming trip. And given the busy schedules as well, we weren’t able to bring Z to the beach or pool as often as I would have wanted it.

Anyway, going back, as I’ve said, Z loves the water. However, whenever I bring him to the deeper part of the pool, he would really hold on tight and not let go. He’d wrap his arms and legs and it would be hard to get him off. Since Holy Week, we have been frequenting the pool to cool down and pass the time. And within the time frame, I guess my son realized that I wouldn’t let him fall or drown so he eased up a bit. At first, he let go of his legs from around my waist but he would still have a strong hold on my neck. 😛 He started kicking in the water as well and found that he enjoyed that activity.

I got him a swim ring a few weeks ago but, to date, he has just been able to use it twice. The first time we tried to use it, he didn’t like it and just threw it in the water. The second time, surprisingly, he allowed me to get him in it. That time though, he didn’t let go and he made sure of that by still holding on to my arms. LOL!

This afternoon was a treat. The water was cool because the pool is surrounded by all the buildings that somehow created a wind pipe so it was also breezy. Perfect location if you ask me. Z and I went in the water, I let him splash a few times before getting him in to the deeper part (well, deeper part in reference to his height, that is. We were just at the 3feet range). As soon as he got comfortable with the water, I put him in his swim ring and started with some water plays.

I am not a swimmer nor do I really know how to swim (I know enough to save myself in case of emergency but that is all), so I don’t really know what needs to be taught first and all the technicalities of swimming. So I taught Z what I know and that is to “kick the water”, so to speak. He knows how to paddle and surprisingly as well, he’s got good timing. He’s got a good form in the water, too.

I have been thinking of enrolling him in a swim class this summer. This activity will be very helpful in developing his core muscles as well as his overall physique. I have asked his physical therapist and agreed that swimming will be good for him. I have even made some inquiries already and just deciding on the schedule and making sure that I have funds to cover the sessions. Sponsorship is very much welcome.  😀

Anyway, enough of all my blabber. Let me share a few of the photos taken by Z’s nanny this afternoon. 🙂

He didn't want to let go of my hand just yet...
He didn’t want to let go of my hand just yet…
slowly letting go of the swim ring
slowly letting go of the swim ring
Finally letting go.. Z getting comfortable in the water
Finally letting go.. Z getting comfortable in the water
Swimming the short distance to the pool's edge
Swimming the short distance to the pool’s edge
Actually reaching the edge of the pool... YAY!!!! Good job, sweetheart!
Actually reaching the edge of the pool… YAY!!!! Good job, sweetheart!
Good form :)
Good form 🙂
That moment when he felt successful and gained more confidence... :) Awesome! - beating the summer heat
That moment when he felt successful and gained more confidence… 🙂 Awesome!

Care to join us in beating this summer heat? Drop me a message and maybe we can set a schedule for a play date in the water. 😀

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