Swimming as Z’s Physical Therapy

physical therapy - swimming

Swimming is something that you really can’t unlearn once you learn how to do it. Last year, I wrote about Z’s swimming activities (you can read them here). But his swimming activities was not as consistent as it should have been because I was still dependent on what he does during his physical therapy sessions. However, even when we seldom go swimming, the little boy has been improving a lot. And I say, A LOT!

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Beating the Summer Heat…

I don’t know with you guys, but this summer heat is killing me. It’s hard to sleep at night, it’s hard to go out during day time, it is so hard to move even. It feels like every ounce of energy is being sucked out of me regardless of what I do. On top of this heat, this Momma is sooo in need of a massage. I have been quite stressed out for some time now and I think I need a little relaxation. If only I can find the time to get a massage. Oh well.

Summer is already upon us on this side of the world and what better way to beat the heat than swimming, yeah? 😀 We didn’t leave the house today since it was really hot this afternoon. So after Z’s nap, we went down to the pool to cool down. Thank God this place has its own swimming pool, albeit small, it does the job. 🙂

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Z’s First Outing

I just got home about an hour ago from another long day at work. Well, I was supposed to write this down last night but I was having migraine attacks  so I slept instead, about an hour after little Z did. Last Saturday was our company summer outing. Yes, it was indeed late already but at least we still had one. 🙂 Only about half of our business unit attended given that most of them were already preparing for the start of the school year (last minute shopping and all that). The outing was in Canyon Cove, Batangas then dinner […]

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