Z Is No Longer A Baby

It’s been a while since I posted something about the little boy. And I think it’s about time that I come up with one. So this is all about the little boy.

Z is definitely growing up so fast. He just turned 3 last August and I have been watching him closely for quite some time now. I can’t really say that he is still a baby (literally) because I can feel how heavy he already is whenever I carry him (which is most of the time). He only wants to be cuddled when he’s not feeling well else he wants to just run around and play with his toys. He still definitely loves cars, music, books and water.

We have spent these past few days here in the mountain city for the long weekend due to the All Saints’ Day holiday. And since we came home, we revived an old routine that the little boy had when he was still living here in the mountain city. And that is to walk to the main street to watch the cars passing by. The little boy still remembered this habit and still enjoys it.

no longer a baby Hanging out at the nearby store to watch the cars passing by
Hanging out at the nearby store to watch the cars passing by

Even at night time, whenever he hears a car or a motorcycle outside the gate, he would climb up the screen door just to see the car. 🙂

no longer a baby my little monkey :D
my little monkey 😀

These past few days, the little boy got to play with his cousin (my cousin’s 10-month old daughter). Apart from that, he was able to play with Mr. Hershel, too (my cousin’s partner’s Pomeranian dog).

Let’s start with the dog because I really find this amusing. Hershel always barks whenever he hears the gate open. He also barks at people who doesn’t look familiar to him. He barks at me whenever he sees me, he barks at my Mom, too. When we arrived Friday night, Hershel barked at Z as well but given that Z is starting to be fascinated with dogs, Z went after Hershel to play. He patted the dog, held the paws, the tail, the face and the neck. What worried me was Z has a tendency to pull the dog’s fur or even grab the dog. Good thing though that Hershel doesn’t bite but that doesn’t stop us from keeping close tabs on the two during play time.

After a couple of days, Hershel no longer approaches Z. Rather, whenever he sees the little boy, he would run away and hide under the dining table. Or he would stay in his cage and not come out even if the door is open. LOL! It was funny watching the two run around the house.

no longer a baby Coaxing Mr. Hershel out of his cage
Coaxing Mr. Hershel out of his cage

Z first met his cousin last December when they came home from the hospital after she was born. And during the time that my cousin was still pregnant, we have already taught Z that there’s a baby inside her Aunt’s tummy and he would rub the tummy, too. Z learned the concept of ading (Ilocano term for little sister/brother) quite early.  Since Z is an only child and rarely has playmates, I am actually proud to say that this little boy has been learning how to be a big brother to the little girl. While he occasionally grabs the little girl’s arm or even face, he has been learning how to be gentle. He’s been learning the concept of sharing, too. He doesn’t get too jealous when I carry the little girl, rather, he would climb on my other lap and sit beside his cousin.

no longer a baby Play time with cousin, Baby SR
Play time with cousin, Baby SR

The other day, the little boy and I went with my Mom to the nearby grocery store. The little boy didn’t want to walk so I had to carry him on my back, which he enjoys. After we paid for the items we bought, the little boy still didn’t want to walk so I had to carry him on my back again. But halfway through, he wiggled to indicate he wanted to be put down. So I did. He pushed me and my Mom to walk forward while he waited until we were some distance from him. He then started running towards us.

Some time last year, this was the same path where I would hold his hand and let him practice walking. He didn’t have proper balance yet and it would take us minutes to walk just a few feet. Who knew that after a year, this little boy would be running this very same path?

no longer a baby
Run, baby, run! 🙂

When I was still a weekend mom (I only get to see my son during weekends because of work, hence the tagline), I would bring the little boy to this coffee shop at the mall. We usually get this very same table but only occupy one chair since I carry the little boy with me. It’s been a while since we’ve been to this shop, too. When we visited a few days ago, the little boy got off the seat that I was supposed to share with him and climbed up the opposite chair instead. Though he came back and sat beside me on my chair when I called him, those few minutes that he sat across me just made me realize more that my son is indeed growing up.

no longer a baby My coffee date :)
My coffee date 🙂

Today’s the last day of our vacation. Tomorrow we go back to the big metro. After the little boy woke up from his afternoon nap, we got out of the house and went to the bus station to get reservations for our trip back tomorrow. We then walked to the mall nearby and enjoyed the chilly breeze of the late November afternoon.

I noticed a carousel on our way to the taxi stand and the little boy almost ran to it.  We bought our ticket and waited in line for our turn to ride. I thought the little boy would get off his horse midway as what he used to do, but this time, he seemed to enjoy his ride til the end. It was a 3-minute ride by the way. I got a bit dizzy which got me worried because the little boy just finished eating a few minutes prior to riding. Fortunately, he was fine. 🙂

no longer a baby Enjoying his carousel ride :)
Enjoying his carousel ride 🙂

It has been a nanny-less vacation as Z’s nanny went home to her province to visit family, too. And while running after this very active kid is tiring, I have enjoyed every moment. I no longer worry about Z needing to hit certain milestones but he has been surprising me in so many ways. He’s come a long way from last year. Heck, he’s come a long way from five months ago. He’s been hitting milestones upon milestones that, at times, I could only shake my head in awe and wonder.

These past few days, spending and watching the little boy, made me realize that I just have let my son be a kid and enjoy. If he wants to be carried, then I carry him. If he wants to play or walk or run, then I let him. I need to give him space to explore on his own. I need to let him experience things and not force him to do things. Never mind the development charts. Each child is different and they will definitely learn things in their own time. I have to just breathe, let go of some control, and watch the little boy bloom.

My baby is indeed no longer a baby. I now have a very active little big boy. 🙂

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