Product Review: Mom Plus+ by Tupperware Brands

Being a Mom, our priority is the welfare of our kids that we often forget to take care of ourselves. We spend time making sure that our kids have everything they need, that they have all the protection they need – from vaccinations to knee pads, and that we are just an arm’s reach when they need us. We do all these and try to let go of the smallest things that we used to take for granted – like taking a bath, for example. Right? I mean for moms, a 5-minute shower is considered long. What more for an hour’s worth of body massage? LOL!

Anyway, I received a few products from Tupperware Brands solely made for Moms. I was actually surprised that Tupperware now carries brands like these but I was happy to know that they have Moms in their minds, too. 🙂 To be honest, I was skeptical about these items but it was worth a try.

Mom Plus+ by Tupperware Brands

The first one that I tried among these three was the Ultra Moisturizing Bar. I was so excited to use this that I forgot to take a photo of the actual bar itself. LOL! I liked the scent of the bar. It was mild and refreshing and it reminded me of coconut oil (I can’t remember if it has coconut oil though). Apart from that, I like the fact that it didn’t make my skin dry. It easily lathers, too, as the bar is not as hard as the usual bar soaps in the market. What I didn’t like though is the fact that, since the it is not as hard as other bar soaps, this one easily dissolves. The bar only lasted me for less than two weeks.


I have reservations about using stretch mark creams. Not that I need it. I never had stretch marks from my pregnancy. The stretch marks I have at the top of my thighs were from my growing up years. But those stretch marks are so light, it is hardly noticeable, unless you really stare at them. And I don’t think they’d go any lighter than they already are. So I can’t really say if this is effective or not. I like the smell though. As the moisturizing bar, the scent is mild and pleasant, sort of a powdery scent. The cream is light and very spreadable, too. It is not sticky or heavy on the skin. And while I have no stretchmarks from pregnancy, I tried using this on the marks I have on my waist area. I have a few dark spots on my waist area, which I think were allergic reactions to the jeans I wear. I really can’t say that there’s a visible difference yet but if the spots doesn’t lighten up, that will only tell me that the cream is not made for what I had been using it for.  🙂


The Mom Plus+ Soothing Relief Balm is my favorite among these three products. I always suffer from body aches due to bad posture, carrying too much weight (in short, carrying my heavy 3-year old for long periods of time because he just wanted to be carried) and too much sitting down. I always end up with lower back pains and neck-to-shoulder pains. And since daily body massage is not really a practical solution for me, this soothing balm comes in handy during times when I need, well, relief.

I would actually love a massage using this balm. Why, you ask? Because it’s got that scent of eucalyptus and peppermint and menthol rolled into one small container and I just find the scent of it very relaxing. The balm also doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on your skin and while it has a bit of warmth in it, it’s not an uncomfortable feeling. I usually apply this on my neck and shoulder area as well as lower back right after my evening shower. It makes me feel more relaxed which makes it easier for me to sleep.

I haven’t tried using this for my migraine attacks as of yet but I love this for my body pains. And you don’t need much to help relieve some of the pain.

All in all, I like these three items. But I would definitely purchase the soothing balm more than the others since I always suffer from body pains. So there. Would I recommend this product line? Definitely. These three are worth a try.

If you are interested in trying out the Mom Plus+ products, do check out their their website, For more details on the individual products as well as the price list by downloading their latest brochure or you may also visit the Tupperware branch nearest you. You can check the list of branches here. You may click on the same link if you have questions or you may visit their Facebook page, too.

Watch out for other reviews of Tupperware Brands.🙂

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  1. My mom was a Tupperware brand ambassador back in the days… she would ne surprised to know Tupperware now carries other products. The balm sounds great base on your review, will definitely check it out.

  2. I have to admit that I’m just as surprised that Tupperware would have these kinds of products! Thank you for the fairly positive review. At least I won’t have doubtful thoughts when I see it in the supermarket.

    1. Hi Elisha. I would love to but I don’t think I am in the capacity to do a full review of this since I don’t have stretchmarks to work on and the ones I have on my thighs are very light and thin, it’s really unnoticeable unless you really stare close at it. Hopefully someone will come up with a full review soon. 🙂

  3. Ang swerte mo naman sis for not having stretchmarks during your pregnancy. I used stretchmark cream during my pregnancy with my first born. Well known ang product kaso hindi umepekto eh. HAHAHA! Now I wonder if the Mom+ Stretchmark Cream will work for me now on my 2nd pregnancy. Hehe

  4. Nagamit ko na ung stretchmark cream but Im not sure if it will work for me kasi matagal na ung mga stretchmarks ko. I haven’t use the relief balm yet. At need ko pa palang ireview to.

  5. Curious with that stretchmarks cream. I tried other creams and find them a little effective pero mahal kasi and ang daling maubos. I have marks in my tummy area, I used to be slim kasi and turned huge when I got pregnant. Hopefully this one will work.

  6. I haven’t tried any of those yet but would love to specially the relief balm. I am very susceptible to back pains as well and that balm would certainly be of great help.

  7. Tupperware has expanded their product lines na pala. I was surprised. Direct selling pa rin ba sila until now?

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