A Year and a Decade…

It’s a few minutes after midnight already on this side of the world, marking the start of the fifth day of the month. Where did the first three months go? Days go by so quickly nowadays, I feel like I am having a hard time catching up.

We are well into the summer time again in this part of the world. Temperature skyrocketing during the mid day that all I want to do is to stay indoors and be lazy. Only if I can do that, though. But seriously, it is really hard working in this kind of heat. I’ve been living in the big metro for the past 11 years already and still, I am not used to this sweltering heat.

Speaking of which, 11 years ago, 3rd of April, I left my hometown to venture out in the big metro. I never really wanted to leave Baguio back in those days. My friends were all there, my family were there, I didn’t have to pay rent, I get home knowing that there will be food in the house..  Why would I want to move out? I was only entertaining the idea of moving out of the house, not the city. But then, I had a conversation with my folks who made me see that maybe, venturing out will do me good. And that was the start of my being an independent, young professional, trying to make it out in the big bad world.

In the 11 years that I’ve been living here, there were a lot of ups and downs, mistakes committed and learned from, experiences that I would otherwise not have experienced had I stayed in my hometown. In other words, in the last 11 years, I grew up… Somehow. 😝

Now, I have a son living with me in the big metro. My life now is so much different than when I started. Before, I was naive but was very much willing to learn and to experience new things. Now, as a parent, while I am no longer that naive girl who came to this city with big dreams, I still have a lot of big dreams that I would like to fulfill for my son. But at this stage, I am now looking to settle down. The question is: will the big metro have a space for me and my son and will this be the right place for us in the long run? That we have yet to find out.

For now, happy 11th year of big metro living to me. I’ll take it a year at a time for now and see where it will eventually lead us.

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