#RandomThoughts: Midnight Thoughts

It’s been a little over a couple of weeks since I blogged. The intention to blog was always there but every time I get home from work, I always drew a blank and I can’t remember the things that I have wanted to talk about. I know, I know. I should keep a handy-dandy notebook with me (which I always have in my bag) so I can jot down the idea once I get that eureka moment. But that notebook resides only in the bag and I only remember that it’s there when I see it (which, most often, I don’t). I still have a couple of posts that I need to work on and I hope I will be able to post them soon (and I mean, really soon).

Anyway, little Z is here with me in the big metro! Weeeee! I am so happy. He’ll be here for a few weeks due to scheduled doctors’ appointments. I only have 2 firm appointments for now and I am still working on the other two. I tell ya, it is really hard to schedule appointments with pediatric specialists given that there are only a few of them in their fields (well, not a many as general pediatrics as comparison). I still need a pedia-dentist, though. I haven’t scheduled one yet and given that Z now has more than 4 teeth (I haven’t counted the molars yet but he’s got two upper front and two lower front teeth), I need a pedia-dental consult for his dental care. Anyone who knows a pedia-dentist within the big metro who has experience with kids with Down syndrome?

I’ve been watching Z sleep since I came home a couple of hours ago. He still swims on the bed. LOL! I’ve got a makeshift pull out bed and a couple of pillows positioned at the foot of my bed so in case he falls (and I really hope he doesn’t, but with the way this kid sleeps, I am really crossing my fingers), there’s still cushion all around. Clever, huh? LOL. I’ve been thinking of getting the bed rail thing but when I think about it, I won’t be able to maximize its usage anyway. It’ll just be another expense that won’t be fully utilized so I am opting out of that idea.

Somehow I am grateful that I brought Z here in the big metro on a stormy day. He had a hard time sleeping last night because it was still too warm for him even if the city had cooled down a bit due to the downpour (I mean, compare it to the mountain city’s temperature, it was still warm). I shudder to think how he would have slept had I brought him here a couple of months ago during the hottest months. Sometimes I think that my sudden change of residence has been a bit of a blessing in terms of that.

And speaking of change of residence, after two months, I can say that my new crib is livable. LOL! Well, it’s been livable for the past two months, only it was not up to my expectation. For the past couple of months all I ever did after work was to clean and clean and clean some more. I no longer counted the number of bottles of bleach I have consumed, number of rags (you know, those round ones that street vendors sell to drivers that you can buy at the supermarket..) I never bothered to wash but instead throw away since I can no longer determine the real color, and a whole lot more of cleaning stuff that I bought just to get this place to how it is right now. I am still not satisfied – I mean, really satisfied – because there are still a lot more work to be done to really bring this place up to par with an old but well-maintained unit. But, if I will do a lot more than the small remedies that I had been doing, I might just as well charge it all to the owner, right? But then again, I am not planning on staying here for a long time (not even as long as my last residence). I am trying to work on a plan on getting my own place sometime in the next year or two. I am so in need of additional source of income. (And no, I will not join any pyramiding scam promoting gold whatsoever, thankyouverymuch). Something legit and not too time consuming. I have several ideas but I have scrapped out about half of it already since there is no assurance that I will get back my investment and start earning.

Okay. I actually forgot one thing that I was supposed to write down here. It was at the tip of my brain just a few minutes ago but after yawning a couple of times, the idea fled. Oh well, I guess here ends my blabber for the day. I just realized that I’ve only had about 5 hours (or less) sleep yesterday because Z woke up so early. I was up since half past five this morning, took an hour nap with Z before lunch and the rest of the day has been a very active waking moments.

The little boy stopped swimming on the bed. That means I can now try to find a space to sleep in. 😀

Good night, world!

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