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Last April, I blogged about Z’s physical therapy sessions. His PT sessions are now scheduled every Saturday. Well, I still have to get up early since his therapy is still in the mornings but it’s not as stressful as preparing for therapy on Wednesday mornings.

However, as of last week, Z started sessions for occupational therapy.

Since it is already the start of classes for some schools, therapy sessions were rescheduled so a slot was opened for Z for Monday morning session. I know, good luck with the traffic. Last Monday’s traffic wasn’t so bad though. We don’t really pass by busy thoroughfares so I think traffic wouldn’t be so bad.

So, what does OT does? This is a form of therapy that helps people carry out everyday tasks independently. While physical therapy addresses the gross motor skills development, occupational therapy addresses development of fine motor skills, cognitive development, behavioral and even social skills. Having both therapy sessions side by side is indeed a great help for Z.

Z started occupational therapy sessions last year in Baguio. That is where he was able to learn focus in doing and completing tasks, follow simple actions through songs, and even learn how to socialize. Now that he is starting his OT sessions again, the goal is to improve his focus and to learn compliance. Basically, we are addressing behavioral concerns.


Z’s first OT session here in the big metro is like sending your kid to his first day of school. He was used to having therapy in the gym area but it was his first time to be confined in a small room with a new teacher. He didn’t want to let go of Mommy and we had to distract him with all the toys so I could leave the room. Unfortunately, he resorted to crying when he realized that I was no longer in the room. His anxiety level was that high. He cried half the time he was there.

Given his anxiety and non-compliance as well as his tantrums, his teacher recommended a twice a week OT session to catch up. And I agreed to it. Starting this week, Z will be having 3 therapy sessions every week: Mondays and Thursdays will be OT and Saturdays will be PT. I am anticipating another therapy session for Z some time in the near future as well. Depending on the development pedia consult next week, I have to prepare for speech therapy sessions, too.

So, while other mommas have been prepping for the school year and all that, I think I am already there. 😛 Therapy sessions doesn’t only feel like sending your kids to school, it is already sending them to school – only not the regular ones. Budget-wise, it really feels like paying school fees already. I’m serious. And while I’m at it, sponsors and donations are very much welcome. LOL!

Z attends therapy sessions at MedMom Child Development Clinic. You can visit them at 2nd Floor Fun Ranch (across Tiendesitas) Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City, Philippines or call at +632-2342554 or even email them at


***Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post***


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    1. My son is a special needs child. He has Down syndrome so to catch up with his developmental milestones, he has to go through physical and occupational therapy. 🙂

      1. Now I get it. Yes, the amount you spend on his therapies is like sending a kid in college. Pricey but it will help him cope. I know your kid will be alright specially he has you as his Mom. It’s not easy for both the child and the parents but it’s easier for the kid when he feels loved and secured. God bless!😊

  1. I find you brave and so dedicated on your son. I hope with the frequent visit, your little Z will show development. And surely he will with all the love and support youre showering him :).

  2. Sorry to hear your little Z cried so much on his first day of OT. But I’m sure that it will get better in time. 🙂 Best wishes to you both.

    1. Thanks, Janice. I think he’s still adjusting since he cried again on his second session but we’re hoping that he will eventually get used to his sessions. 🙂

  3. Good luck Z!!! You can do it, go go go! 🙂 I somehow envy those that are already sending their kids to school, my son’s still 2 so he’s staying at home, I’m trying to find some online resources for him to start learning as well.

    1. Enjoy the moment while he’s still young and staying at home, Mommy. You’ll eventually miss it once he starts schooling. Though I think there are some schools that has trial sessions that you can avail. Or you may want to try Gymboree for their classes 🙂

  4. First your Little Z is so lucky to have a dedicated mom like you. Second I think he will be more comfortable with his ot sessions in his own time 🙂 keep it up!

  5. He is lucky that he have a super dedicated mom like you! In time all your effort will be worth it! Occupation therapy is really a big help especially for kids who needs special attention.

  6. I’ve heard of other moms whose kids also have to do OT. I didn’t want to ask about it as I didn’t want to be too intrusive. It’s good to learn about it on this post. I hope Z adjusts to it better on the next sessions. I’m sure the therapies will do him a lot of good. God bless!

  7. Goodluck Z! It’s my first time to know about this occupational theraphy. He’s lucky to have a passionate and dedicated mom like you. Kudos to all moms!

  8. Goodluck Z. Aja! Don’t worry mommy, in due time, Z will be able to adapt to his new school. Little steps becomes big steps later on. 🙂

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