A Charming Little Boy

Z has his consultation with the development pediatrician every 6 months. Last month, we visited the good doctor for his first session this year.

Dev-pedia consults are actually nerve-wracking for me. Sometimes, or most of the time, I feel like I am not doing enough once I find out that Z’s progress is very slow. Last month’s consultation was somehow better. His assessment? A charming little boy of stated age. I love that!

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4 DIY Items For Toddlers’ Home Activities

Toys are used in Z’s occupational therapy. In an hour’s time, he gets to use about 3-4 different kinds of toys for different activities. So with that, I have been consciously buying toys similar to what he uses in therapy to ensure continuity of his activities at home.

But toys are really expensive. Especially the ones that promote motor skills development. And I also have to keep in mind that I have limited space at home so I really don’t want to hoard a lot of toys. However, there are a lot of things within our homes that can be used to develop fine motor skills. All it takes is a little creativity on our end.

Here’s a few of the things that we use at home to continue Z’s therapy activities at home.

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Stop and Smell the Roses: Raising a Special Needs Child in a Fast-Paced World

Raising a special needs child in this modern world is not easy. I lived a fast-paced life. Cramming 48-hour tasks in a 24-hour day, even sacrificing rest and family time, just to get something done was my norm. I barely had time to appreciate the sunrise nor the sunset or even enjoy a cup of coffee without trying to finish another task. However, I needed to make drastic changes to my fast-paced lifestyle when my son was born.

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Z at 35 Months Old…

It’s been a while since I blogged about Z’s milestones. He’s turning 3 in less than a month’s time (man, where did time go?) and has been working hard to get where he is now. I’ve checked my old posts and the last one I posted about what Z can do was this January. Since then, Z has accomplished quite a lot, I would say. Last June, Z had his consultation with his Development-Pedia. We consult with him every 6 months to check and assess where Z is already in terms of his development. During his November 2015 consultation, at 2 years 3 months […]

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Li’l Brave Hearts…

One of the common conditions that children with Down syndrome have is heart issues. Even my little Z has been diagnosed to have ASD or Atrial Septal Defect. You can read more about it here. His last check up with a pediatric cardiologist was last year wherein it was found that Z still has a small hole in his heart. Though no medication was given, he was to have another cardiologist consult a year after to check if the hole will close on its own. I was not able to schedule Z for his check up this month but we […]

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A Different Perspective…

The ability to choose JOY, in all circumstances. The ability to say what is meant, and mean what is said. The ability to overcome and persevere, despite countless obstacles and opposition. The ability to shine light in places that have none. The ability to see & understand things in spiritual realms, that other people can’t. The ability to make people smile, with one glance. The ability to see good, where other people see bad. The ability to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. The ability to NOT be corrupted by the world’s standards of beauty, strength and […]

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Therapy Sessions: Occupational Therapy

Last April, I blogged about Z’s physical therapy sessions. His PT sessions are now scheduled every Saturday. Well, I still have to get up early since his therapy is still in the mornings but it’s not as stressful as preparing for therapy on Wednesday mornings. However, as of last week, Z started sessions for occupational therapy. Since it is already the start of classes for some schools, therapy sessions were rescheduled so a slot was opened for Z for Monday morning session. I know, good luck with the traffic. Last Monday’s traffic wasn’t so bad though. We don’t really pass by busy thoroughfares so […]

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Things I’ve Learned From My New Normal

Being a workaholic, a happy-go-lucky person then suddenly became a Mom is such a big turn in life. The things you do prior to having the responsibility of raising a kid are things you can no longer do once you do have a kid in tow. You can no longer party the way you did before or leave the house whenever you want to.  No more shopping impulsively just because you were in the mood for it. No more long hours at work just because you are so motivated to get things done before their deadlines. Once you become a Mom, the way you define […]

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When They’re Good and Ready

“Stop and smell the roses” is no longer just a quote for me. This is a reminder that, given the pace of life nowadays, we need to learn to appreciate the small things, else we miss out on the most wondrous things that we may experience. There’s no need to rush things especially in learning because we might miss out on the most important lessons as well.

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