The Nivea Sale 2016

It’s that time of year again. The Nivea sale came in a bit early this year (It was May 1-3 last year, if I’m not mistaken). I was not totally prepared so I only got a few. Last year, I was not able to get the bar soap because it was already out of stock all over when I decided to join in the fun of hoarding. 🙂

This year, I was able to get the bar soap. I guess my stash will last until end of the year (I hope!). I only got a couple bottles of lotion for me. My priority actually was to get the Nivea  Baby products for Z. I really like their baby products because the smell lasts long and my son’s skin does not dry, unlike other baby wash brands. Their baby lotion is also not sticky but it keeps my son’s skin moisturized. It is really a treat!

nivea sale 2016
Nivea stash for several months 🙂


Nivea Baby are selling like hotcakes! It was really hard getting my hands on the products I need but I was lucky last night when I went to the grocery because they were just opening a few boxes of the baby shampoo. I was able to get 5 bottles and a couple bottles of baby lotion as well. They ran out of the baby bath and the powder and I was not able to find it in the shops near my office. So glad that a friend was able to find stocks for the baby wash elsewhere and decided to give it as a gift for Z. Weeee! 😀

It was published that the sale will be for all Nivea products nationwide but I am disappointed at some stores because they only tagged selected items for sale. Like Mercury Drug for example. Their Nivea Baby products are not part of the sale that they have. Even SM Megamall supermarket, when I asked them a couple of days ago, not all Nivea products are on sale. I hope they rectify this soon, though.

Anyway, what are you waiting for? The Nivea Big Sale is until April 18.  There’s still 2 days (3 days if you count today) before the sale ends. Go to your nearest grocery, supermarket, drug store, or wherever and get your stash as well. 🙂 I am hoping to be able to add a few more myself.



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  1. Hello sis! Nivea users too but sad to say wala na akong naabutan sa dept store (Puregold) for those baby products. Nakaka panghinayang. I want the Head and toe 🙂 baka may extra ka pa sis.
    Hope I can get on online mommies na for sale nila yung Nivea. At sana extended pa ang sale. 🙁
    Good job mommy!
    God Bless.

    1. Hey there. Unfortunately, the sale was not extended. I was hoping to get a few more for my stock pile but I had limited budget. Oh well.

      So sorry but the ones I have are not for resale. 😊

  2. wow! That’s a great slash! I saw one store with the nivea sale, I was almost tempted to buy, then I remember, I didn’t bring enough cash! haha. I also don’t bring my card, so, no choice but to say bye bye to the Nivea sale. lol.

    1. Watch out for it again next year. I heard they do this on a yearly basis. 🙂 There’s plenty of time to save up 😀

    1. I learned about this last year and I was expecting the sale to happen by start of May. A bit early this year though so I was not fully prepared with the budget. 🙂

  3. Sayang they did not extend. Di ako nakapag hoard 😀 It was really selling like hotcakes. My sis-in-law who was able to buy said that other people in Watsons took several pushcarts just to hoard the Nivea products! :-O

  4. That’s a year worth of supply! I am one of the mommas who hoarded the baby wash! My hoard for my baby is even greater than the ones that are for myself. Baby comes first talaga pag nanay ka na. Hihi. Too bad, wala na akong naabutan na wipes. Maganda pa naman daw.

    1. I used the Nivea Baby bar soap before (when I was not yet a Mom) though it was hard to find it on displays back then. Hihi! So far Nivea Baby is the one the works great on my son’s skin, so hoard I did to the best of my ability. 😛 Will have try Belo Baby, too!

  5. I should have read this earlier! We had our grocery and Landmark Trinoma has a good stock of Nivea products. I didnt care because I seldom use lotion now. Should ive learned their products are baby friendly too, i got sana for my little munchkin. Nway, now I know.

  6. I saw this in Puregold near our area. Almost few pieces na lang ata left from most lines nila. I didn’t even try to get na since Dove yung strictly pinapagamit for Bunny. If only we were nivea users I would have hoarded a year’s worth! Good job mommy!

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