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I just saw this event yesterday while browsing through Instagram. Since I haven’t really planned anything for this weekend, I decided to register and join the session.

while waiting for the event to start
while waiting for the event to start

So, the topic was about Cleaning Essentials. Do you remember that trending news about sippy cups/training cups and the likes that were accumulating molds when they opened the lids? That’s where this talk came about.

Especially for first time Moms, we are all obsessed about making sure that all our baby’s things are clean, sometimes, even cleaner than clean. From baby bottles, toys, clothes, even the surfaces that our babies will hold.

So what do we do? We sterilize. When we say sterilize, we often associate this to baby bottles and other feeding paraphernalia. And that is true. Over the years, process of sterilization has evolved as well. From the traditional way of boiling the feeding gears, we now have the steam sterilizers which is what’s commonly sold in the market now. However, to ensure that baby’s feeding things are really sterilized, they need to be air dryed as well. And we normally wipe out the excess water from the bottles or just let it be until it gets dried. But are we sure then that we were able to really, fully sterilize our babies’ things?


During the talk, the first product that was presented was the Ecomom sterilizer. It uses “UV-C of the UV rays to sterilize”. I watched the demo of the product and it was fun to watch. 🙂 It sterilizes just like the way a steam sterilizer does but at the same time, it also dries out the excess moisture from the bottles and other feeding gears, taking out the need to wipe it down with cloth or air dry it out in the open. You can check Ecomom’s website here for further details regarding this item. All I can say is, this product is perfect for those that has very sensitive babies or someone with gastro issues.

Did you know that the owner of Cycles is a Filipino? I didn’t know that. From what I learned earlier, the owner’s kids have very sensitive skin and whenever they come home from overseas, they bring home lots of all-natural, organic items to be used by their kids. Given that, they have conceptualized Cycle’s products so that there won’t be any need to source elsewhere.


Prior to giving birth to Z, a few things that I bought as part of my preparation into motherhood and the arrival of a baby is baby detergent and bottle cleaners (even if I was already decided that I will be breastfeeding my son for the first few months). I got Cycles laundry detergent and Cradle bottle cleaner. I think we’ve used them for quite some time as well. And I can say that these products are good. Even now that Z is already 2.5 years old, I still use Cradle for his bottles and Cycles citronella patches. I also use Cradle toy and surface cleaner. I love this product because it is so easy to use. For more information about Cycles and Cradle, you may visit their website here and here.

While I am way past being paranoid all the time when it comes to my son, listening to the talks given during this event makes a good reminder that while our kids grow and give them more freedom to explore, we still need to ensure that their things are always clean, especially the ones they use for feeding.

Apart from learning good stuff, I got to take home a few stuff, too. 🙂

loot! thanks MothercarePH :)
loot! thanks MothercarePH 🙂




***Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post***

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