When The Nanny Is Away

I just realized that it’s already 1AM this side of the world. And I am still sweating like it’s lunch time. I really can’t bear this kind of heat and can’t wait for summer to end, just so it would cool down a bit.

Anyway, the heat isn’t what my post is all about. For the first time since my son arrived here in the big metro, his nanny took her day off, days off rather. 🙂 She left before noon to visit and stay overnight with a relative nearby. It was okay with me. Given the work she’s been doing – she’s doing great, by the way – she deserves a couple days off. When she started, I actually told her that half of Saturday and whole of Sunday is hers to do as she wishes. But since she doesn’t really go out, Z and I bring her with us during weekends.

So this is the first weekend that it will be just Zaine and I. Since I haven’t really made plans on what we will be doing for the day, I decided to go visit a friend at the Summer Komikon event before going to another event elsewhere.

I wasn’t able to get photos at the Summer Komikon since Z just wanted to be carried and there were a lot of people at the hall. From what I saw, there were a lot of exhibitors as well. It was my first time to attend such event so I really didn’t know what to expect. Hopefully, I will be able to roam around the next time. I was not even able to get a photo of my friend’s booth. Sheesh!

when the nanny is away Summer Komikon crowd
Summer Komikon crowd

After a few minutes of small talk inside and several more minutes waiting for a cab, we went to Boni Highstreet for the Mothercare event. During the talk, the baby in front of us seemed to be fascinated by Z and Z didn’t disappoint. He actually made the baby girl laugh and giggle by doing his own antics. LOL! I didn’t know where he got that from. Really. A few minutes after, while I try to listen and watch the demos, I was also following Z who decided that he wanted to roam around the store. A sales crew carried him and he charmed her as well. Too bad I was not able to take photos of Z’s antics during the event. My son is indeed a charmer. 🙂

After the event, since Z didn’t finish his lunch (he only took a few spoonful of his food), I decided to try IHop. Yes, it was my first time to try IHop. I know. I never really had the opportunity to do so before until the fad of the place died down when it first opened a few years ago until I forgot all about it.

Mum & Son Date <3
while waiting for the food to arrive
while waiting for the food to arrive

Since they had Spaghetti Bolognese, I ordered it for Zaine. He loves a good pasta dish, that kid. He was able to almost finish  whole serving of it (there was only about two forkful of pasta left).

Spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti Bolognese

I got myself the Strawberry Banana Pancake. I can’t say it was really great. The pancakes were fluffy and soft but the strawberry preserve was too sour for my taste.

Strawberry Banana Pancake
Strawberry Banana Pancake

IHop’s service crew is great, though. From what I have experienced, they have really good service.

After eating, Z still didn’t want to walk so I carried him and we strolled through Highstreet. There were several events going on as well. There was the Thailand event which will be until tomorrow, there was also a photography event (I think, some sort of a seminar/workshop), there was ROX’s Outdoor festival. I think there were a couple more but I never really paid attention to all of them.

We checked out the ROX’s event at the ampitheater so we can also sit down for a few minutes to rest. Z walked a few steps before deciding to sit on the ground and watch the spotlights by the stage. 😀

Light watching :D
Light watching 😀

My date with the little boy was nowhere near extravagant but spending the whole afternoon with him (even if I have to carry him majority of the time) was definitely worth it. I seriously forgot all about my body pains this afternoon. (It’s just now that I can feel my back and neck and arms really hurt, hahaha!).

Since Z was really full, we came home and he took his evening bath before calling my Mom through Skype. (It’s a weekend routine). Z is now fast asleep after a very tiring day. Well, I guess that means I have to go sleep now, too.

Tomorrow, err well, today, is Sunday. We’ll be attending church in the morning. Hmmm, what to do in the afternoon? Go somewhere or come home and play in the pool? That is to be seen. It will just be me and Zaine tomorrow again but his nanny is due to come back tomorrow afternoon so I might as well make sure that tomorrow will be well spent with the little boy. 🙂

Alright, my readers, good night to y’all! As what Scarlett O’hara said “Tomorrow is another day!”

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