Ouch! My Back…

My neck… My legs… My arms…

As much as I don’t want to, I had to go on sick leave today because I can hardly get out of bed this morning. And when I was able to, it felt like my arms were going to fall off. My body hurts all over from carrying Z over the weekend. Z can already walk. When he’s inside the house, he doesn’t want to be carried at all. But once we step outside, a few steps out of the building and he will hold up his arms asking to be carried. And if you don’t carry him, he would sit on the ground and will refuse to stand up until you give in and carry him. Last month, what I did was take a few steps ahead of him and then wait for him to get up and walk/run to catch up then he will hold my hand and start walking again. This time around, taking a few steps ahead of him no longer works. He would remain seated on the ground or, worse, he would lie down on the ground and ignore me even if I walk further away. Sometimes he would even cry.

This weekend, since it was just the two of us who went out, I had to carry the bag and him at the same time. I still babywear him so I can get my hands free but carrying a bag with his things plus all 14-kilos of him, it did put a strain on my whole body. Yesterday, while at the mall and he didn’t want to walk again, I almost lost it. My back was hurting real bad and I was tired and all I wanted to do was sit down but Z didn’t want to walk and decided that the mall ground was a good bed. Yes, my friends, my son lied down on the ground not caring about the people passing by. It was really frustrating but I couldn’t do anything but carry him while scolding him.

For two straight days, all I did was carry my son for the majority of the time that we were out. And for two straight days, I was speaking to my son telling him that he has to walk because he already knows how to and at the same time, I was telling myself that there will come a time when he will no longer want to be carried so at least just enjoy the moment. And then another thought comes into mind that says, how do you enjoy the moment when your back is already killing you and your arms are about to fall off and you already feel like you’re going to break in two?

Anyway, I am so in need of a massage. I mean real massage. Not those mediocre ones that think they are giving a massage when in fact, they are just adding pain to my already suffering body. I have tried a few massage spas already and for some reason, I always go back to Wensha (the branch in Pasay). They have masseuses there that have “heavy” hands. You know, those that don’t necessarily need to put their whole weight on your back just to give you the hard massage that you ask for. LOL! I have tried other spas that, at first, have good service but after a while, the quality dwindles down. I haven’t tried home service yet, though. I think that would be a better option, don’t you think?

My body doesn’t hurt as much as it did this morning and my arms still feel like they’re attached to my body so I guess I am still good. But really, I need to schedule a massage session sometime in the near future. Anyone care to sponsor it? 😛


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