Lately, I have been sharing and liking a lot of inspirational quotes in my Facebook account. I guess it is a way to motivate myself out of my restless mood. Here are a few of those quotes: image





image From the looks of it, I have really been feeling down and out of sorts lately. I guess I can chalk it up to stress, maybe? I don’t know. Probably this Momma is now in need of a little time for herself to regroup and come up with a new plan.

The long hours at work, the stress brought upon by searching for a new place in such a short time, the long commutes during weekends, not being able to see my son every single day, the feeling of being lonely sometimes, the loads of household chores that needs to get done but are never done anyway and the million other things that I want to do but can never do due to a million different reasons are taking its toll on me.

I am tired. Bone-weary tired and sometimes things are just becoming routinary, like I no longer know why I do things but I just know that I have to do them. While I know that things happen for a reason and all that, I just sometimes think if the roller coaster ride will ever stop. Will I ever get back to just having a smooth ride where everything just flows? No sudden drops after steep uphill climbs but rather just a steady uphill and downhill roads. No more sudden twists and turns and drops.

*Sigh* I guess I will just continue trying to push myself further until I get past whatever blues I am in.

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