When it rains, it pours…

After the weekend “nightmare”, so to speak, I was thinking that maybe this week would bring a little bit of relief. Well, things doesn’t happen that way I guess, hence the saying, “when it rains, it pours.”

It is just Wednesday (well, 1250AM this side of the world already) and yet the week feels to have been going in limbo.

I went back to “the scene of the crime” on Monday morning to get a police report. Suffice it to say that the management of Victory Liner is not doing a very good job in these kinds of scenes. But then again, this will probably be a story for a different time. Anyway, I got there around 5:30 AM, went to the police station at around 7:00 AM (accompanied by one of the dispatching officers), finished reporting what happened and was advised that they will email me the copy of the police report since no one was around to sign it.

I took a 9:00 AM trip back to the big metro and got here at around noon time. Then I went straight to my son’s pedia-ophthal clinic to have little Z’s lenses changed. I will have to go back by Friday to pick it up so Z can use it again. He’s currently out of glasses this week.

I got back to my apartment at around half past 1 in the afternoon. Stared at my apartment thinking, I guess the thief was stupid enough not to find my apartment and get what he can get (sarcastic laugh). *Sigh* Oh well.

So, I prepared for work then checked my backpack (I am back to using my old backpack) and I kept thinking what I would put in there. I had to put something in it, you know. So I grabbed one of the spare notebooks I have and my cellphone case and dumped them in the bag. Just so I can say that I’ve got something. LOL!

I’m currently using a spare laptop at work. Good thing we have one or else, I wouldn’t know how to get my job done. But since it is a spare, I cannot bring it out. Oh well.

After the very long day, I went home not feeling all too well. I caught a cold. I think it is my body’s way of telling me that I’ve abused my body way too much already. I gotta slow down, too. But with all the stressful events, how do you slow down?

But it doesn’t stop there. Fate has a very, very twisted humor, I’d say.

Yesterday was little Z’s check up with his pedia back home. It was just supposed to be routine check up so I was surprised when I got the message from my brother that Z is going to be confined due to diarrhea. His poop had been quite watery (but not something alarming) since the day he arrived in Baguio. But yesterday (or probably a day before), his poop was really watery said my Mom. Which is not a good sign. So, his pedia decided to have him confined for observation and to hydrate him. He doesn’t have any fever, which is good. But still, the fact that he is in a hospital, confined again, without me this time, doesn’t really sit all too well with me.

I trust my Mom and my sister to take care of my little angel but that doesn’t mean that I will stop worrying or even stop thinking that I should be there, not here. I cannot be in two places at the same time, but still, that doesn’t stop me from wishing to be there with my son.

*Sigh* Do I still dare say to fate, “bring it on!”? I don’t know. Even if I don’t say it, fate will do whatever it sees fit to be done anyway.

I wish this week is over…


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