Mind Babbles…

I should be sleeping now but for some reason, I can’t. It has been a gloomy day today at work (as gloomy as the weather, it seems) since it was our boss’s last day. He made his final endorsements, last set of photos taken with him, one last round of “see you soon”s. His access card made the last beep as he stepped out into the lobby to wait for the lift that will bring him to the parking lot. Lots of tears were still shed. The mood was different. People tried to be as normal as they could get, but I guess everybody was not really in the mood to do anything else. Watching him leave felt like watching your own father walk away. *Sigh*

It’s going to be a new beginning starting tomorrow. Guess it’s going to be another one of those wait-and-see moments.


I decided to walk halfway home earlier (I took a tricycle on the second half, :P). Good thing it stopped raining. I just needed to let out a few frustrations from work though it’s not something that I can really divulge. It was a good walk. It earned me about 50% of my required time and steps of walking based on the phone app.


Out of nowhere, I received a message in LinkedIn about a job opportunity. The post offered looks interesting though I have an issue with the location. If and when I take it (depending on a lot of factors), they will require me to relocate. Seems like they offer a relocation package, too. I’ve set up a meeting with them to see what the position is all about. Not that I have immediate plans of changing jobs, mind you, but it is nice to keep all options open. It just felt nice to be the one companies reach out to to fill their post instead of the other way around. 🙂


The month of May is almost over and I haven’t even posted a lot of topics that I have planned to post this month. Oh well. I guess I need to start allotting time for my blog as well.


I think I need to start looking for an additional source of income. Z will be having two therapy sessions every week starting next month and it is going to take quite a chunk of my budget. He’s also going to have medical consultations starting next month as well that I need to prepare for. He’s having two consults with two specialists, if I remember the schedule correctly.

I am running out of ideas for an additional source. The other ideas I have would require additional investment on my end and I don’t have the additional budget for that as of yet. Oh, I miss those times when I didn’t have to think twice about spending my money. It doesn’t really work that way once you have a kid, though. Women probably were wired in such a way that spending money on one’s self slows down quite a bit (not for all, because there are still those people that would spend thousands on useless stuff even if they didn’t have a job) because women would have that instinct that the child’s needs come first. Well, probably.


Oh well. I think I’ll just sleep this restlessness off for now. Hmm, on second thought, I am actually feeling hungry. I want an egg sandwich though I’m lazy to get off the bed and cook at this hour. I’ll just dream of it for now. Guess that’ll work.

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