No Goodbyes, Just See You Around…

Today was the farewell party for our boss. Everybody was emotional, a lot of tears were shed. I myself had a hard time stopping myself from crying.

The Friday before last, our boss had a big announcement where our director and general manager attended. He announced that he was leaving the company because of a better opportunity. While I already anticipated that one day, he will have to leave, the announcement came as a shock as I was thinking that this would be his last company before he retires. But then, I guess, fate had other ideas. He was given an opportunity that he couldn’t resist. And while I am happy for him, the thought that he would be leaving the company so soon was really saddening.

He’s been with us for almost six years. I have been with the company for almost 10 years. I have been through 3 management, him being the third one. And in my whole professional life, he is the best boss that I have ever had. Hands down, no questions about it.

Since the first day he reported, his quiet demeanor already commanded respect. It was in his aura. In a multinational company where we don’t really call bosses sir or ma’am, we automatically started calling him sir. We call our director by first name, yet he, one step lower as a manager, we call sir. Funny and absurd as it is, that was how it has been eversince.

When he first announced it to everyone, I was already on the verge of crying. I shook his hand and gave him a hug and said that I would talk to him Monday because I didn’t want to cry. But I shed tears a few minutes after that, when I was already out of view from the public.

Our boss is one of a kind. While he may have that intimidating aura, he is actually someone you can approach regardless of your concerns – may it be work-related or personal. He would not give you the answers but he will help you sort things out. He will give advice when you ask for it or even help you think things through when you have doubts. And he is not bias. He treats everybody fairly and would give credit where credit is due.

One thing that made him stand out to me is because of the similarity that he has with my Dad. He is a few years younger than my Dad but the way I saw my Dad when I was younger was almost the same as I saw our boss. My Dad has the same aura. Someone that commands respect without saying anything, someone who can talk to anyone regardless of status, someone you can approach regardless of the problem or concern you need to raise, someone who is fair, kind, helpful.

Six years is short to work with such a great person. Unfortunately, I was not able to directly report to him. It would have been fun – always on my toes, trying to second-guess what he would ask and all that, pushing myself to be better. In the span of six years, I am still glad that I have worked with someone like him. That is a privilege nobody can take away. And I am grateful to have known such a boss like him. I only wish that the time we have with him was longer.

He has been looked upon as a father of our organization and he has acted as one apart from being a boss. He was able to put balance in the work place and what he will leave behind will be quite difficult to fill in.

Today was a bittersweet moment. While we are happy to have had the opportunity to work with him, it was really hard to let him go. But as a few of my colleagues said, we cannot be selfish as to keep him to ourselves. Other people would benefit from his expertise and it is time for those people to do so.

And while it is not really possible to follow him where he will go for now (and I emphasize, for now), I do hope and pray that I get another chance to work with him in the future.

Hence, no goodbyes, no farewells, just see you around.

To the bestest boss ever, you have been a blessing to the organization and you have been a blessing to a lot of us. It has been an honor to have worked with you for the past six years, I have truly learned a lot. Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge that you have imparted and I hope that you will continue to give the same wisdom and knowledge to the next team that you will have you. I look forward to working with you in the future. God bless in your new journey.





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