It’s a Win-Win Situation Afterall…

I mentioned yesterday about a job opportunity that came knocking. I’ve agreed to have a call with the Talent Acquisition Advisor, the one who contacted me via LinkedIn and we had the call about an hour ago. Their operations here in the Philippines is consolidated in one location only and their facility is in Batangas. The job requires someone very similar to what I am currently doing and one of the reasons that I fit their requirement, I learned, was my background on the business systems used. Apparently, they are having a hard time looking for someone with similar background that I have.

I mentioned to her during our phone conversation that I am very much interested in the post however, I am not yet able to relocate. Unfortunately, they are not offering offsite work location as of yet as they would require physical interaction with different teams in the organization. I told her that I will check my contacts to see if they know someone who fits the bill so I can refer it to them.

I actually don’t feel disappointed that I am not able to jump ship or that they cannot fit their offer to my requirement. In fact, I am quite happy that I got recognized by someone outside of my current organization as a potential key player in their organization given my experience and – ehem – expertise. Looks like there are opportunities for me out there. 🙂 Besides, I am still trying to line up my ducks in a row and also currently in the wait-and-see game so I am not yet fully decided on looking for opportunities elsewhere.

So, I might not have gotten the post offered, it’s okay with me. Somehow, I gained a new contact and learned about a new company that may require my skill set in the future. Who knows, right? 🙂

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