Mission Accomplished…

After about two weeks of sleepless nights, long hours at work and short-circuiting brains, we were able to deliver – as a team – and present our project in an excellent manner. Whew! All I can say now is this: I can sleep peacefully now without data hounding my mind and presentation materials flashing through my subconscious as I sleep.

I can now concentrate on my tasks which has been piling up and needs to be completed within the week. I will still be spending long hours at work because of this but I think I can manage it more than the previous weeks.

No more nervous wreck, no more anxiety attacks, I can now breathe. LOL!

I just wanted to get that out.

I have to get some rest now but I hopefully within this week I will be able to blog about Z’s therapy sessions and milestones as of date. He’s made a lot of progress and I can’t wait to share it with you. Watch out for it.

For now, good night!



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