What Weekend?

It’s the weekend.

Yes, I just wrote that as a statement. Yay? Nay? It’s nay for me. I am so not looking forward to this weekend but I have no choice. We need to get things done so we can move on with the schedule. In other words, I have to report for work.

So, if someone says, “Happy weekend!”, I’d say, “What weekend?”

This is the second weekend that I will have to work. I haven’t had any decent sleep since last week, worked last weekend, rendered long hours at work this week and now another weekend support. To say that I am exhausted is an understatement. My back hurts, my legs hurt, my brains hurt, everything literally hurts.

I am soooo in need a long soak in a hot tub while drinking beer (or champagne 😛 ), about 2-hour session of relaxing massage or probably until I fall asleep and long, uninterrupted, restful sleep.

But then, that will have to be put on hold right now. As how Scarlett O’Hara put it…”…After all… tomorrow is another day.”

I am so crossing my fingers that we can get everything done tomorrow so I can at least have Sunday to myself.


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