The Nivea Stock Pile

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I do use Nivea products every now and then. I actually like the brand especially their moisturizing cream and their lip balms. (I’m a sucker for lip balms but I don’t care much about lipsticks).

Nivea had a big sale from May 1 and will end tomorrow (technically today on this side of the world), May 9. I didn’t have plans of purchasing any until my sister texted me if I could buy her lip balms.

My facebook newsfeed was filled with photos of “hoarded” Nivea products and I thought maybe I should buy a few more for the stock pile since 50% discount is already a great steal.

Unfortunately, all the stores I went to already ran out of stocks on their soaps. The plan was only to get lip balms for my Mom and sister but then I got excited with the other items I’ve found. :mrgreen:

Here are my loots:

For Mom and sis 😁
For little big bro 😁
For little Z 😁
Got a few items for me too 😁
Got 'em all for half the price 😀
Got ’em all for half the price 😀

I was planning to buy their sunscreen lotions for the family including little Z but when I checked the ingredients, it contains parabens. So I opted not to and only chose those that are without it. Oh well.

Suffice it to say that I just spent my allowance for this. :mrgreen: Hopefully other brands will go on big sale like this, too.

I think I will add “hoarding budget” to my budget plan for big sale such as this. :mrgreen: They say this is an annual sale from Nivea. I should prepare for next year then as early as now. :mrgreen:

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