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First and foremost, let me say kudos to those Moms who are either SAHMs or WAHMs. I actually don’t know how you all do it.

I have been alone with my son since Wednesday this week. As mentioned in a previous post, I have filed for leave from Wednesday to Friday this week to stay at home with my son so we can spend precious time with each other. My sister was not able to extend until end of this week as she had some pressing matters that she needed to take care of as well. So, there.

This is the third day that I am alone with my little boy. Since we have a set routine of how his daily activities, it was a easy how to go through the day. Here’s his daily schedule:

  • Upon waking up, he drinks his milk then play for a little while I prepare his morning bath
  • After his bath, he eats solids, takes his vitamins then it’s play time again (or TV time, depending on the mood of the little boy)
  • He takes his morning nap after another bottle of milk and that takes about an hour at the least
  • He wakes up at around noon time then he plays again until another feeding session before his afternoon nap
  • Late in the afternoon once he wakes up, it’s play time again until it’s time for his evening bath
  • After bath, he eats his dinner, a little bit of play time, another bottle of milk then it’s lights off for the little boy

His schedule is pretty much set. It’s simple to follow, right? If Z will be the only consideration, then yes. However, this is how I have been doing my tasks around Z’s schedule:

  • After breakfast, while he plays, I eat my breakfast, too (mostly consists of left overs from the night before) then clean his bath tub
  • If I still have time before his nap, I wash his bottles, feeding bowl and his teether
  • More often than not, during his morning nap, I nap too (given my work schedules, I don’t know how to sleep early anymore so an hour nap is good enough to have a little more energy for the rest of the day)
  • In the afternoon while Z naps, I clean the house, wash the dishes, wash Z’s clothes (all handwashed by the way) and if I still have some time to spend, I read some of my work emails and try to get some work done. If not, then work will have to be done once he sleeps by night time.
  • If in case Z takes a long nap in the morning and he would awaken at around early afternoon, we go out (like what we did the other day). Just go stroll in the mall then buy a few groceries if needed
  • At night, after his dinner, I prepare my dinner, too. I prepare something quick so I can eat quickly and play with the little boy before he goes to bed for the night
  • Once he’s asleep, I wash his bottles and feeding bowl, wash the dishes, tidy up the house a bit before I start on my emails again

By the end of the day, I am exhausted. Which makes me realize how lucky I am to have my sister to assist me with little Z when I am off to work. Being a Stay at Home Mom requires time management skills to do all the things that needs to get done in a day. Same goes through with Work at Home Moms. And I have high respect for both. I can say that it is not easy being either one, and to think that I am just at the end of day 3 of trying to be one. LOL!

Seriously, how do you guys do it? Right now, I am even scared to check my mailbox because I know that there are tons of emails waiting for my response (yes, I am on leave but I need to work from home due to the critical nature of some requests that need to be addressed).But then one’s got to do what one’s got to do, right?

And with that said, I guess I have to end this now. I need to get some work done before Z’s next feeding. 🙂

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