Little Z’s Trip To The Eye Doctor

eye doctor

So, Little Z had his check up with the eye doctor earlier. Starting January this year, he has eye check up every two weeks. This is to ensure that his eyes are healing properly following his surgery last December. With the exception of the other week’s findings, his eyes appear to be healing properly.

But the other week, the eye doctor said Z’s eyes have swelling. He was prescribed another eye drop because of this. Little Z has 3 eye drops already – antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and something to dilate his eyes. Since Z was already 7 weeks old after the surgery that time, he should have smaller dosage of the anti-inflammatory. However, given the swelling, little Z was given another anti-inflammatory that will be alternated with the current one. So there goes four eye drops.

The swelling made me a bit worried because if the swelling didn’t disappear, then my little angel will have to be referred to an external medicine doctor. To be honest, I think I’ve had enough of doctors at any given time. If I can avoid it, I would .

So, the consultation earlier was more than what I was expecting (well, not that I was expecting much anyway). Little Z’s right eye is already clear (no signs of swelling. Yey!) and his left eye still has a little bit of swelling but not as much as the last time. In other words, since the meds still worked, there’s no need to consult external medicine. Whooppee!

eye doctor _planking while waiting for the good doctor
planking while waiting for the good doctor
eye doctor _"whaddya lookin' at?"
“whaddya lookin’ at?”

The way I see it, and trying not to be bias about it, my little Z ‘s eyes are already working the way they should. Well, with the help of his extra lenses, that is. But still, he now knows how to focus on something that catches his attention, he stares at either the TV or the monitor when we are trying to show him something, he looks at his toys and reaches for one and grabs it. Oh and did I mention that he knows how to take his glasses off? Well, he does. he either pulls his glasses down and tries to eat it or he pushes it up his head to try to remove it. And did I mention as well that my baby’s eyes are brown? Well, his eyes are chocolate brown. Not as light as mine, though. But still brown. I’m happy with it. 🙂

eye doctor _"I see you..."
“I see you…”

On the other hand, I already mentioned how talkative my son is in previous posts. Well, now, he is more talkative than ever. He could, well, baby talk your ears off the whole day (as long as he is awake, that is). Also, I think he is already at the early stage of teething. He can’t keep his hands out of his mouth. He thumb sucks – hands suck is more appropriate, I think – more now than ever. Probably by next month he will be showing signs and symptoms of teething.

For now, I bought him a soother/teether toy last month and he now plays with it. My only problem with those toys nowadays is that they make them too big for babies. I have been looking for something a bit thinner and smaller to no avail. Although, I haven’t checked online yet. Oh well, he’s got one already so we’ll have to make do with it.

eye doctor _yummy fingers?
yummy fingers?
eye doctor _the little boy trying to eat both of his hands
the little boy trying to eat both of his hands

Which reminds me, my baby is turning 6 months old in less than two weeks. Times flies so fast. It seems like it was just yesterday when I first held him in the recovery room. He now likes sitting down (though not on his own yet, he still needs support), standing up and on his tummy playing (or eating his sheets). He now makes demands, he smiles a lot (no more elusive smiles to say the least), he sleeps longer at night too (which is such a relief for all of us, I would say).

He’s outgrown more than half of his wardrobe (which means I need to buy more clothes for the little big boy) and I would have to get him more educational toys since he is now starting to get curious with his surroundings. And what better way to satisfy the curiosity of a child other than interactive toys, right? Oh yeah, I have some serious saving up to do. LOL!

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