Homeschooling on Hold: Z Goes to Preschool

I have nothing against SPED, don’t get me wrong. They are doing great work. But I have this belief that if I wanted Z to be treated and accepted by society, then he needs to be amongst typical kids his age. This way, he will be more aware of his environment and typical kids will be more aware of kids like him. And hopefully, eventually, kids with special needs will be seen as someone not with a disability but with different abilities. And that they also have something to contribute to the community, just like everyone else. 

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

the most wonderful time of the year

What’s not to love about this month? It’s all about good vibes and smiles and cheers (and booze and caffeine and chocolates and late night binge watching your favorite movies, hahaha!). You hear Christmas songs being played everywhere and it just makes you feel good. Admit it, Christmas songs makes you smile, too. And probably shake your head as you reminisce your childhood during Christmas, hahaha! Right?

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McDonald’s McCelebrations for Z’s 4th Birthday, Part 1

mcdonalds mccelebrations feature

Z celebrated his 4th birthday by having a McDonald’s McCelebrations party last September 2 at McDonald’s El Pueblo, Ortigas. I never really planned to have a birthday party for the little boy this year.

I finally decided to throw a party for the little boy about 3 weeks before the schedule. Ha! Talk about cramming! Good thing that the second option for a location I had in my list was available on the schedule I wanted.

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A Charming Little Boy

Z has his consultation with the development pediatrician every 6 months. Last month, we visited the good doctor for his first session this year.

Dev-pedia consults are actually nerve-wracking for me. Sometimes, or most of the time, I feel like I am not doing enough once I find out that Z’s progress is very slow. Last month’s consultation was somehow better. His assessment? A charming little boy of stated age. I love that!

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When Kids Get Sick

Z started his physical therapy session this week, last Wednesday in fact. It will be his regular weekly schedule now and it will be once a week. I’m still waiting for a schedule for his occupational therapy as well. Both sessions really do go hand in hand. Physical therapy will be for gross motor skills development while occupational therapy will be more on fine motor skills and behavioral skills development. Hopefully there will be a vacant slot soon for his OT sessions so I don’t need to find a separate therapy clinic for it. My son has been in the […]

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Little Z’s Trip To The Eye Doctor

eye doctor

So, Little Z had his check up with the eye doctor earlier. Starting January this year, he has eye check up every two weeks. This is to ensure that his eyes are healing properly following his surgery last December. With the exception of the other week’s findings, his eyes appear to be healing properly.

But the other week, the eye doctor said Z’s eyes have swelling.

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When Little Z Discovered The Backyardigans…

After several weeks of not letting him listen to Elmo’s World songs, I tried to let him watch Elmo’s World in YouTube. It was surprising because we never got a reaction from him. And then I remembered The Backyardigans. So I searched YouTube for The Backyardigans songs. Oh boy, the little boy loved it. Instead of me describing his reactions, better check out these videos. Watching my little boy get so excited was really fun. Enjoy! 🙂

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