When Kids Get Sick

Z started his physical therapy session this week, last Wednesday in fact. It will be his regular weekly schedule now and it will be once a week. I’m still waiting for a schedule for his occupational therapy as well. Both sessions really do go hand in hand. Physical therapy will be for gross motor skills development while occupational therapy will be more on fine motor skills and behavioral skills development. Hopefully there will be a vacant slot soon for his OT sessions so I don’t need to find a separate therapy clinic for it.

My son has been in the big metro for almost two weeks now. Unfortunately, it looks like he caught some sort or a bug (it must have been the weather). Since Wednesday, Z has been having a fever. It was worrying because, even with sponge both and paracetamol, his temperature was going higher. I was alarmed when he started palpitating and had a hard time breathing so I decided to bring him to the ER. When we left the house, his temperature was 38.2 degrees Celsius and when we got to the ER, his temperature shot up 39.

when kids get sick

They gave Z another dose of paracetamol (since he was already due for it, anyway) and sponge bath. Eventually his temperature went down. We went home that same evening.

Diagnosis? Systemic viral infection. Z needed to take paracetamol at given intervals. And I was advised to watch out for high fever for the next 3-5 days. Well, it’s already the third day (going on to fourth) and Z still has fever though it’s no longer spiking up. I’ll be bringing him back to the pedia if his fever would still persist by tomorrow.

It’s really hard when our kids get sick. Everything else would be pushed aside just to make sure that our kids are a-okay. It’s emotionally draining (even if you say that it is just a minor issue). Tomorrow, I need to complete my company-mandated annual physical exam. I am hoping that I get to finish it by morning since I am planning to finish some tasks at home. With Z’s condition now, we wouldn’t be able to go out anyway.

With that said, since I am planning to be early for my APE, I need to fet some decent sleep now. Well, after I get Z’s temperature. 😝

Good night!

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