Day 10: Daily Routine and Favorite Toy

Blog Challenge: Daily Routine

Yeah. Uh huh. What routine? LOL! I think I lost my routine when I started my maternity leave. The routine that I knew was: wake up, prepare for work, go to work, get coffee, work, work, work, work, get something to eat (if I remember to eat), work, work, get coffee, work, (is that light outside? Oh crap it is almost morning, I gotta get home), work, go home, prep for bed, sleep for the next 3-4 hours. Then the whole thing starts again.

During weekends, the scenario would be, wake up, stare at the ceiling, channel surf, gets grocery, either go out for coffee or meet with friends for drinks or stay at home and do laundry, sleep. Nothing much during the weekends.

After I gave birth, I don’t have any routine set up anymore. My sleeping time is still not in sync with my son’s (well, given that I am now back to the work force), He wakes up when I just had fallen asleep, he feeds at different times of the day, Diaper changes here and there. One good thing that I like though is my weekends when I get to spend it with my son just laying down playing or sleeping. Precious moments. 🙂

I am still trying to establish a certain routine that I will have to follow (loosely) soon just to have some sort of order in my daily activities. Eventually, it will right itself again.

Photo Challenge: Favorite Toy

My son’s just 10.5 weeks old. I don’t think he can determine what his favorite toy is. Besides, I haven’t really bought him toys as of yet. But out of the ones he has, this is the one that I like the most.

daily routine_Elmo!

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