Day 11: Last Book Read and Bath Time

Blog Challenge: Last Book Read

Geez, the last time I read a book feels like a lifetime ago. Let me see, hmmm. I think the last book I read was one of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. I just can’t remember if it was book 16 or something else. So I guess if you want me to tell you the synopsis, I can’t. I don’t remember how the story goes.

There was a time when I had way too much time on my hands that I could grab a book and read until I finish it or until I only have about two hours to catch on sleep. And those times, I almost always have a book with me. I used to get coffee while waiting for the mall to open so I could  go to the second-hand book shop and see if something will be eye-catching. I remember spending about 2-3 hours inside the small shop just searching for a book (or a couple, or a few).

My small bookshelf was already filling up with books, mostly pocketbooks. Why pocketbooks, you ask? Well, those stories are not that heavy for my tired brain (since most of them are the typical love story with the “big misC” for a twist). So yeah, I have a three-level small bookshelf and all three levels were filled up.

Anyway, I cleared up the shelves, packed most of the books and sent it to my cousin. I had to make space in my tiny room for some other baby stuff. i haven’t bought another book since the last one (which I really cannot remember).  😛

Photo Challenge: Bath Time

I was planning on taking a photo of my baby earlier when he took his bath. However, I was totally knocked out.  (Read previous post and you’ll know why.) So I had to dig through the archive and pulled out one of his bath time photos. I realized that I don’t have a clear photo of Z taking a bath. So for now, I will post this and will just update the photo once I am able to shoot a few.


Yep, he takes a bath in a basin. He’s got his baby bath tub back home. I might eventually have to get him one for my apartment as well. 😛


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