Little Z’s First Food

first food

I’ve been wanting to start Little Z with solids as early as 4 months but given all the medical hullabaloo that he went through last year, I knew I had to postpone it. And I was advised against it, too, given that he was having milk reflux when he was a lot younger.

I have decided to start him with solids since the little boy is turning 6 months by the end of the week. After a few weeks of trying to find something that I can feed him – checking all 1st food of Gerber, Healthy Options and what-nots, I settled down with the good, old, reliable Cerelac. For some reason, they don’t sell the plain ones nowadays. I’ve seen quite a few flavors but no plain wheat, or plain rice. They have wheat and milk or rice and soya and so on. As for Gerber, I was trying to find something that will settle well with the little boy’s stomach just in case but I was a bit worried trying out the flavored ones, too – pears, carrots, squash, apple… Yeah, those ones. With Little Z, I have to be a little bit more careful.

So, like I said, I got him the Cerelac Wheat & Milk. I didn’t exactly follow the instructions on the label since I had to make Z’s more watery than suggested since I have to make sure that he would be able to take it in and not choke. Eventually, I will lessen the water ratio until we get to the right consistency. For now, his solids will have to be a bit thicker than his milk. 🙂

first food Z's first solid food :-)
Z’s first solid food 🙂

Five tablespoon of the powder for 150ml water is a bit too much for now. So I tried a tablespoon with about 50ml water. (Like I said, I have to make it watery just to test it out). Z took about a teaspoon-full for the whole feeding duration. LOL! I guess the little boy wasn’t hungry even after finishing his milk about two hours prior his solid food feeding try out.

Well, we’ll try it again tomorrow. For now, I’m glad that he didn’t choke and didn’t complain much about it. He spit it out though which was expected, to say the least. 😛

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