Z at 35 Months Old…

It’s been a while since I blogged about Z’s milestones. He’s turning 3 in less than a month’s time (man, where did time go?) and has been working hard to get where he is now. I’ve checked my old posts and the last one I posted about what Z can do was this January. Since then, Z has accomplished quite a lot, I would say. Last June, Z had his consultation with his Development-Pedia. We consult with him every 6 months to check and assess where Z is already in terms of his development. During his November 2015 consultation, at 2 years 3 months […]

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Z Turns 2: Happy Birthday!

2nd birthday

It’s been a week and a few days since we celebrated Z’s birthday. And it is just now that I am finding the time to blog about it. (Yeah, blame the uber busy schedule and a scattered brain lately). So let me share how the party went. A few months ago (I think it was mid-June) when I started thinking about what to do for Z’s birthday. I was torn between throwing a party or just going somewhere to play. It was the middle of July and I have yet to make a decision. But I already made inquiries online […]

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Little Z’s First Food

first food

I’ve been wanting to start Little Z with solids as early as 4 months but given all the medical hullabaloo that he went through last year, I knew I had to postpone it. And I was advised against it, too, given that he was having milk reflux when he was a lot younger. I have decided to start him with solids since the little boy is turning 6 months by the end of the week. After a few weeks of trying to find something that I can feed him – checking all 1st food of Gerber, Healthy Options and what-nots, […]

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