7 Months…

My baby just turned 7 months. Boy, where did all those months go? I keep thinking that time has been moving so fast when it comes to my baby’s growth. He still doesn’t do a lot of things compared to other babies his age and he does seem to be taking his time. That’s fine with me. He loves standing up now. He likes to be held up so he can stomp his feet on the ground. He jumps, too, every now and then. LOL! He also loves taking his glasses off just to chew it. LOL! He cannot sit […]

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Little Z had his eye check up again earlier this week. If last year we were getting a set of good news-bad news every single consultation, this time, the little boy has been getting good news all throughout. Well, with the exception of the swelling thing but again, that was a minor thing now compared than before. The doctor checked Z’s eyes again and found out that both eyes are now clear of all swelling. Healing is going good as well. We need to change his lenses though. He is currently using a +18.00 OU lens (somewhat a higher version […]

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Little Z’s First Food

first food

I’ve been wanting to start Little Z with solids as early as 4 months but given all the medical hullabaloo that he went through last year, I knew I had to postpone it. And I was advised against it, too, given that he was having milk reflux when he was a lot younger. I have decided to start him with solids since the little boy is turning 6 months by the end of the week. After a few weeks of trying to find something that I can feed him – checking all 1st food of Gerber, Healthy Options and what-nots, […]

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