Little Z had his eye check up again earlier this week. If last year we were getting a set of good news-bad news every single consultation, this time, the little boy has been getting good news all throughout. Well, with the exception of the swelling thing but again, that was a minor thing now compared than before.

The doctor checked Z’s eyes again and found out that both eyes are now clear of all swelling. Healing is going good as well. We need to change his lenses though. He is currently using a +18.00 OU lens (somewhat a higher version of the typical reading glasses, I would assume). Now, his lenses need to be changed to a lower grade of +15.50 OU. Yipee!

Another good news is his medication dosages. Prior to his check up, he was up to about 4 different eye drops – 3 for the right eye and 4 for the left eye, two of which alternates at a certain time interval. Now, his Tropicamide will only be until the bottle is consumed – dosage is down to twice a day from 4 times a day. His Vigamox and Lotemax are now 4 times a day (down from every three hours’ time interval). Both eyedrops will be reduced to twice a day in two weeks’ time.

Whoopeedoo! I am so happy and so relieved. Do you even know how much those eye drops are? Individually, not that much, but all of them being used at the same time with the hourly usage that is used to be, it will really hurt the pocket.

Overall, Z’s doctor said that he is now a semi-graduate. He’s down to minimum medication and his eyeglasses will be changed to a lower optical grade. I can live with that. 🙂

On another note, once we’re back home, I will have to schedule Z for his 6th month check up. We need to change his formula again and get advice regarding his solid food. As I’ve mentioned previously, I am a bit wary of letting my baby eat whatever baby food I find (or try to feed him with the usual food for that matter) since he was initially diagnosed with reflux (GERD). Not that I really followed through with that (I will tell more about this on a different post). So far, he didn’t like his Cerelac but he did eat his Gerber. For me, that is a good sign. So, back to his general pedia once we get back home.

I never really notice how time flies. Sometimes I just realize that my little baby is now a big baby. I would have expected him to be crawling now but for some reason, he’s a little bit lazy in trying to carry his upper body using his arms. But his legs are strong. That’s for sure. LOL! Is laziness inherited? If so, I am in big trouble! Haha! I’m giving the little boy all the time he needs. Anyway, I am not in a rush for him to be running around anyway. 😀

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