Almost over…

My son’s three weeks’ stay here in the big metro with me is almost over. We are going back home on Sunday and I will be leaving him there once I come back to work.

I have enjoyed his long stay here with me. I mean, who wouldn’t, right? I enjoyed coming home from work in the wee hours of the morning knowing that when I get home, he will be there, sound asleep. No matter how tired I am, now matter how sound asleep my son is, I always make sure that I pick him up and cuddle him for a few minutes before laying him back down beside me. I make it a point that I tell him I love him even when he’s asleep. I will miss doing that once he’s back home with my Mom.

These past three weeks was exhausting to say the least. Between the demands of my job and the demands of my son, I had a hard time managing my time. Well, time management was a struggle for me even before I had my little one but more so now. I still monitor the time that I stay at work to make sure that I get home on time and stay at home with my baby for an ample time before leaving for work again. I am so grateful that my sister is with me who takes care of little Z when I go to work and when I am still asleep in the morning.

As exhausted as I am right now, I have enjoyed the past three weeks. I got to see my son grow, I got to listen to his morning talks, I got to experience his joys and listening to his laughs is music to my heart. Everyday I learned something new about my son. And these will be the moments that I will treasure in the next coming weeks that we will be away from each other.

And yes, I am making such a big deal out of the fact that my son will be six hours’ away from me. Like any Mom, they would like to have their kids with them 24/7 and knowing that, with my current set up, it is not going to happen actually hurts. I am so going to miss a lot of my baby’s firsts especially now that he is becoming a lot more curious of his surroundings and starting to be a whole lot more active.

Well, that is something that I have to live with. Although I am trying to find ways to ensure that my baby will always be with me eventually. I don’t know how I am going to do that but I think I will come up with something. Again, eventually. *Sigh* For now, I guess I will have to settle with the fact that I will be literally a weekend mom.

It’s already Saturday this side of the world. Today is my baby’s last day in the big metro. We’re supposed to meet up with a few friends and acquaintances for lunch and afternoon. And in the evening, my sister and I will pack my baby’s things and our things to be brought home with us on Sunday.

I am so not looking forward to Sunday but I am definitely looking forward to meeting friends and new friends within the day. Oh well.

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