Prepping for the New Residence…

I have been wanting to blog for the past few days but it has been a pretty hectic past few weeks to be exact. We had visitors at work, testing for a new process to be implemented, issues that needed to be resolved ASAP and all that. To say that it was crazy would probably an understatement. Well, that is if I include the fact that I had been busy outside work as well.

Today is already the 19th of the month on this side of the world. Technically, today is the last day of my stay in this apartment – the place where I have called my home for the last 5 years. And yes, I am sentimental about leaving this place. Though, like I have probably said in a previous post, I have plans of moving out of here. But not as abrupt as what has happened. Anyway, this place has been my comfort zone. I was able to come up with plans for my future, this place saw my joys and my tears and the walls have probably heard my frustrations, fears, questions and other what-nots that I usually blurt out loud when I am alone. LOL!

So, going back, apart from a busy work schedule at work, I have been sending emails and calling the contact persons of the new place that I would be moving to. Yes, I have made a decision already among the two options that I posted last time and I have been ironing out the contract with the owner via email since she lives abroad and it is her nephew who does the legwork here, apart from the contract and the decision making. We were able to come up with an agreement and I am okay with the stipulations stated in the contract, so now, I am just waiting on when I could read the final one and sign it. Then pay the advanced payment, deposits and hand over the post-dated checks.

Speaking of which, it seems that a lot of places for rent now do require post-dated checks. I have never cared in opening one before since I am good with my savings account (I could use it as a debit card so it makes my shopping easier) and I have my credit card in case of emergencies. I guess everyone is looking for a guarantee that the rent will be paid on time and all that.

So, last Friday, I went to the bank, opened a checking account but then I forgot to bring one of the requirements (forgetful me these days since I have a lot of stuff in my head lately – yeah, excuses, fine! LOL) but then the lady had one booklet reserved in my name for pick up on Monday as soon as I hand over the last requirement that I needed to submit. There was not much hassle – apart from filling out forms – with the transaction but it still took me about 50 minutes before I was given my new account number. Include there the waiting time, so processing time was about half an hour. Not bad.

Backtracking a bit further, last Thursday, I went to my current building administrator’s office to ask about extending my stay for probably until the end of the month. I was told that starting Monday, the 20th, I will be charged by the day until the day that I move out. They will no longer extend my contract and they are not budging about it, too. Fine. Business policy, blah blah blah. I told the nice lady that I will be back next week to give them the date that I will pull out from the apartment so I can get a gate pass to bring my stuff out. Good thing is, I can have my daily charges deducted from the deposit that I have with them. I just hope that there will be a little something left that I can take after all is taken care of. I need to get a few new stuff for my new place, you know.

All activities related to my move is done before I go to work. And with the summer heat (oh Lord, the heat), by the time I get to the office, I am already feeling drained. And by the time I get home, instead of starting to pack my stuff, I am already totally beat that all I could do is to sit and stare at the ceiling or the television but not necessarily understanding what I’m watching until I am able to pull myself off the couch to clean up a bit and hit the sack.

And with that, I haven’t gone home to the mountain city this weekend as I need to start packing and get a few other things done. I went to my internet service provider first to request for a disconnection since I am moving, bought a few stuff I need for packing, got myself a cup of coffee, came home, cooked dinner and ate before I started sorting out my things. I have been opening boxes within boxes within boxes and thought to myself “what have I been trying to do with all these stuff?”. LOL! I had old receipts, going as far as five years back, letters that have not been opened, lots and lots and lots of paperbags (where did they all come from?) and I found a box that contained my beads (there was a time that I hoarded beads thinking that I would make jewelry and sell it online.. Pffft, never happened).

One other interesting thing I’ve found were the receipts of the baby clothes that I have been buying online. I started online shopping way back before I had little Z. I used to shop online because it gives a wider variety to choose from in terms of design and I have found a lot of baby items that I haven’t seen in the malls those times. The receipts were dated back 2012. LOL! So I took my laptop and tried to check Zalora, see if they have new items that would be good for my little Z and I have found a broad range of baby clothing at ZALORA’s Marketplace. Click here to see their collection. I bookmarked the page so I can get back to it easily once I have settled in the new place. I think it is about time that I try checking out online shops for good and reasonably priced items again.

Anyway, here is how my living room looks like at the moment.


I am not yet halfway done. 🙁 How in the world do you pack anyway? Last time I did this was about 6 years ago and I seem to have forgotten how it is done. I am not really the most organized person in the world but I try to get my things organized and I have started labeling the boxes as well but I keep getting distracted with the things that I have been rediscovering. Hopefully I will be able to get all these things sorted out by tomorrow. I am targeting to pull out by next weekend, as long as we can get the contract finalized so I can affix my signature. Not having the contract yet is making me quite anxious already.

Okay, I think I’ll end up here for now. It’s almost 4 in the morning and I need to get a few hours of good sleep before I continue with the clean up and packing again. I still need to get my laundry done, too.

One last thing: any tips on how to pack? I am sorely in need of help here…


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