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It’s been a pretty hectic time for me the last week and a half. I brought Little Z to the big metro last July 5th for a 3-week stay with me due to several doctors’ appointments. His yaya (yes, my son now has a yaya) and my sister came along. My sister stayed the first week just to assist the yaya to transition. However, last July 15th, after his cardio check up in St. Lukes’ BGC, I had to send his yaya back home due to medical reasons. I am not going to divulge more on that (since it is private) but suffice it to say that it was an undisclosed condition which really irked me. Since then, it was just Z and I.

After sending the yaya off, I had some sort of panic attack, if you may. I didn’t know if I can manage taking care of my son on my own. Will I be able to feed him on time? How will I manage getting him ready for his appointments and making sure we have all the necessary stuff needed to making sure that I am properly dressed as well before we leave the house? Will I have enough energy to ensure that I get everything in order and the house clean for Z? I was stressing myself out that night.

The last week and a half was the longest time that Z and I have been together on our own. Just the two of us. I got to play full-time Mommy to my unico hijo. And I loved every single moment of it. 🙂

We started our time together with an early appointment with the pedia-cardio for Z’s 2d echo then we had to visit another doctor at a different hospital. This time, it was the development pediatrician. It rained hard that afternoon as well so Z and I napped for an hour while stuck in traffic. LOL! We also dropped by my office that afternoon to pick up something that I forgot to bring home.

Stuck in traffic on the way home
Stuck in traffic on the way home

The next day was a holiday and I have already committed to report to work to cover for my team. Given that I cannot leave my son alone (duh!), I had to ask permission from the bosses to bring him to work while I get a few things done. Thank God I was allowed to bring him with me. I didn’t take photos that day but I was really surprised that Z was well-behaved the whole time we were at the office that I was able to get a few things done. He only became restless about an hour before we were due to leave. 😀

For those few days, I was giving myself a pat on the back for somehow doing a good job. 😀

Last week was a little bit of a different story though. I had to establish a routine to ensure that I get everything done. I had to have a mental checklist as well (I actually almost wrote it down to make sure I didn’t miss anything).

My son wakes up very early, between 6-7AM. That is my midnight, to be honest. But I had to wake up as well. He would wrestle me once he wakes up then he would get my tablet (meaning he wants to watch his nursery rhymes). I would play his app and as soon as he settled down watching, I would get up and cook his breakfast. I rarely eat breakfast so I didn’t have to think of that.

Between 7-8AM, Z will have his breakfast. By 830AM, he will have his bath. He enjoys his bath so much that I let him play for a few minutes before rinsing him off. 🙂

Bath time!
Bath time!

Since the sun was out last week, every morning, we would go down to the pool side and walk around. More often than not, Z wanted to be carried and if he wanted to walk, he would walk towards the edge of the pool. He actually wanted to get in the water but since it had been raining the week before, I didn’t risk getting him into the pool just yet.

His lunch time is now a bit earlier than before. I started feeding him lunch by 1130AM so he can take his nap by 1230PM. Since a few weeks ago, he naps twice a day – in the morning and late in the afternoon. But since his development pediatrician recommended that no nap times after 3PM, I had to start adjusting.

While eating lunch...
While eating lunch…

I take a nap in the afternoons, too. 😀 I needed to re-energize for the afternoon activities of the little boy. 😀

Once he wakes up from his nap, either we would go to the mall and look for ride-ons or play outside with the other kids. 11143160_10204945975626060_1239269516589517123_n


In the evening, I prepare Z’s dinner, feed him and then he takes his evening bath. Yes, my son takes a bath twice a day whenever he’s here in the big metro. It has been our practice since he was 2 months old. 🙂 Just like in the mornings, I let him play a bit before rinsing him off. Then we Skype with my Mom and let Z play in the living room. We practice walking and I am proud to say that I was able to teach him how to kick a ball. That kid has a great kick, too. 🙂

By 8-830PM, he would look for milk and will pull me up and we would walk to the room. He would get on the bed while I make his milk and then we would read his book. Between 830-9PM, I would put him to sleep. The earliest I got him to sleep was by 8PM. But that was because he was tired after therapy and walking around and not enough afternoon nap.

Once he’s asleep, it was no relax mode for this Mommy just yet. I had to pick up all his toys (which he would throw all over the living room while playing), sweep and mop the floor, wash the dishes, wash Z’s bottles and feeding bowls, wash his clothes and throw the garbage. In between all those chores, I would check my mail and answer a few, eat my dinner and join conference calls whenever I could. By the time I get into bed, it would be around 1AM.

For one whole week, day in and day out, that was our routine. It was exhausting to say the least. But at the end of the day, no matter how exhausted I felt, no matter how sleepy I was, I would spend a few minutes just watching my son sleep beside me and I wonder how I got to be so lucky to have this little boy that I call my son.

For a week and a half, I was a full-time, hands-on Mommy to my son. It was tiring, it was exhausting. I lacked sleep, my back hurts so bad (up to this day), my arm felt so numb I was scared that it would fall off, I had to deal with toddler tantrums, too. But I didn’t complain. I couldn’t complain. Because experiencing what I went through was very fulfilling. I loved every minute of it. I felt needed and I felt loved. And spending that much time with my son is priceless. I would like to think that we were able to establish a stronger bond than ever before, too.

Who would complain when you get unlimited kisses and hugs from the sweetest little boy ever? <3

My heart, my soul. The love of my life <3
My heart, my soul. The love of my life <3




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