Satisfaction Weekend…

It was cravings week last week. Well, for me, that is. I was craving for a lot of something sweet or something salty. And I was able to satisfy those cravings when I went home to my little Z over the weekend. Whoppeee!

I left the office at around 1 AM on a Saturday and was hoping to be able to get a 1:30AM trip home. When I got to the bus terminal, there was a long line of chance passengers. There was nothing special happening over the weekend, to say the least, so I was wondering why there were a lot of people going up to the over-saturated, over-populated mountain city. Buses leave every half an hour instead of the usual hourly trip. I was able to get a seat for the 3AM trip. Yep, almost two hours waiting time. *Sigh*

I was quite expecting that the trip will be a bit shorter since there was light traffic flow but we still arrived mid-morning (it took us the usual 6.5 hours, so to speak) due to a long one way lane street caused by road construction. (And I am so not getting into that discussion).

ANYWAY, I arrived around half past 9AM and decided that I needed a good cup of joe to somehow kick start my system as I was so sleepy due to lack of sleep from the night before and from the trip (well, sitting at the first row is not really advisable if you want to sleep during the trip). So I dropped by one of my favorite hang outs – Ebai’s Cafe and Pastry. There I was able to satisfy one of my cravings: their famous Apple Walnut Cake. This for sure is a must-try whenever you find yourself in this cafe.

Ebai's Cafe and Pastry
Ebai’s Cafe and Pastry
Ebai's Apple Walnut cake... a must try!
Ebai’s Apple Walnut cake… a must try!

I usually have a cup of coffee at Ebai’s before going home after a long trip. After an hour of rest, I went home to clean up then went to pick my son up in town. My Mom had to bring him with her that morning since no one was going to take care of him at home.

We again ended up in SM Baguio. I would have had brought him to Camp John Hay had there been no threat of rain. You see, it rains every afternoon in the mountain city. We roamed the mall (even if I have already seen all there is that I wanted to see) then found ourselves at Caffe Picarre.

I was not really craving for pasta that time. I just wanted something salty. So I ordered their Ragu Bolognese. And another cup of native joe.



For some reason, little Z was fond of screaming that he screamed and yelled while playing. Well, given that he is a baby, no one would really dare tell me to make him stop. Haha! Anyway, he looked adorable doing it, too. LOL!

That was Saturday. 😀

We met up with a friend of mine, who happened to be Z’s godmother, last Sunday. We weren’t able to make it to lunch since Z and I slept that morning but we were able to have coffee. While waiting for her, I tried PIcarre’s Mango Cheesecake. My verdict: so-so. I dunno. It was good but I wouldn’t say it is one of my favorites.

Coffee Time!
Coffee Time!
Picarre's mango cheesecake
Picarre’s mango cheesecake

Then I tried their Carrot Walnut cake. This tasted real good. 😀 I think I will add this to my list of favorites. 😀

Carrot Walnut Cake
Carrot Walnut Cake

And since I still couldn’t let go of my craving for inihaw na liempo, I bought Chickboy’s liempo for dinner. I would have preferred Andoks’ but then Chickboy was a whole lot nearer our place.

Chickboy's Inihaw na Liempo
Chickboy’s Inihaw na Liempo

Overall, it was a non-eventful weekend but I could say that it was a very satisfying one. In terms of cravings, that is. 😛






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