First Ever Mother’s Day…


yes, this little boy makes me smile! :)
yes, this little boy makes me smile! 🙂

This is the first time that I celebrate Mother’s Day as a legitimate (for the lack of better term haha) mother. I have been greeted before with “happy mother’s day” due to the fact that I have somehow became a nanny of my friend’s kids and all that. It, somehow, became some sort of a joke.

When I was a lot younger (around high school age, to be specific), I came up with a vague life plan. One of the plans was to be married by age 25 and with two kids – a boy and a girl. Well, I never really know what happened to that plan. LOL! So when I turned 28, I sort of started to lose hope that I will ever get to have my own kid. I was on the verge of accepting the fact that I will forever be the “generous” aunt, godmother or stand-in nanny to friends’ kids. Mother’s day would just be another day for me.

It’s quite amusing to have people greet me with happy mother’s day because, I don’t know, for some reason, it does feel awkward. Haha! Don’t get me wrong. I mean, it feels quite nice to have people greet you as such however, it just doesn’t feel natural. Or probably I am just not used to be greeted with it because, finally, I am already a Mom. Or maybe because what started out as a joke before is now a reality. Could be, don’t you think? Maybe it will take quite a while for me to get used to the fact that I am already a Mom and that I will get to be greeted every Mother’s day (and Father’s day since I am a single Mom :P).

Anyway, since we have been out the whole day Saturday for several different invitations and meet ups, my sister and I decided not to do much roaming for Sunday. We went to Glorietta, roamed quite a bit, checked kitchen stuff (which we ended up buying in SM Makati), picked up a few groceries then had coffee at our favorite hang out place – UCC 6750. 🙂

They served a little surprise for all customers who are mommies – a cookie. 🙂 It looks so pretty it’s hard to eat it. Haha!  My sister and I got our usual – houseblend coffee then I got a bacon and sausage pizza since I was feeling hungry.

the trio is back at UCC    6750
the trio is back at UCC 6750

It’s not exactly a celebration, since we do this every weekend that my son is here in the big metro. I think what made it special is the fact that I get to have a free baked goodies on the house. Hahaha! Kidding aside, I am actually touched that I was greeted by friends and family, and I am happy because I was able to spend the day with my son. 🙂




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