Forgetful Momma

It’s the 30th already in this side of the world. My brain is overloaded with a lot of information due to the project that we have just launched. I have been in several calls today, been an all around helpdesk, running back and forth from one area to another.

I am feeling drained. My body hurts from being cooped in an airconditioned room, sitting in front of my laptop, reading emails and answering emails and staring at spreadsheets the whole day. I am exhausted.

And then I come home today in a very quiet, lonely apartment and stare at my son’s photo on my tablet screen and realized that I forgot to call my son to greet him a happy 17th month. :'(

My son is now 17 months old. Where has time gone by? My son is growing up so fast and I know I am missing a lot of his milestones. I feel like a failure for forgetting to greet him on his special day.

You may say that I am beating myself up for this. I mean, what’s a month, right? He’s my unico hijo, my only son (and I don’t know if I will ever have any other at this point), and I am not the ideal mom right now. Not even the kind of mom that I have envisioned I would be. Who forgets her child’s monthly celebration, anyway?
I need to stop beating myself up. But for now, I just need to do so. I just hope that I wouldn’t forget it again. 

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