Weekend Work

I have been ignoring this blog for this month. So far, I have not posted anything “relevant” of sorts. And I miss this. I miss blogging.

It has been a very hectic month. We are almost at the end of the project we are working on, and the closer we get to out go live date, the busier we get, the longer hours we work to the point of losing our weekend.

I just got home from a 12-hour stint at the office on a Sunday. Yesterday, it was 16 hours. The day before that was another 12 hours, 2 days before was 14 hours and 3 days before yesterday was another 16-hour stint. I know, I know. I have been working on an average of 14 hours per day. It cannot be helped for now. That is what I call dedication. Har har! (I’m just trying to convince myself here that this is all worth it 😛  ).

Anyway, tomorrow will be the start of another work week and having no weekend is not an excuse to take a vacation leave in the middle of things. We gotta be a team player here. Especially now that we are at the final stretch.

I might be exhausted and anxious about the outcome but at the same time, I am excited. I enjoy these kinds of challenges at work. It doesn’t matter if I get promoted or not. I am more about the experience and the knowledge I learn from all of these. If others hate working tough jobs and long hours, twisted as it may seem, I enjoy it.

I love my job and I love what I do. I just hate the politics that come with it but it is something that I know I have to live with. 😛
Oh well, my weekend work doesn’t end with my job. I still have household chores that I have been ignoring that I need to take care of now.

And I still have to be early tomorrow for another meeting. Oh yikes! Talk about being uber busy.

Hopefully I will be able to post something that will be more worth reading within the week. *crossing my fingers and toes*

Ok, I’ll stop now.. Laundry’s waiting 😛

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