Z’s Busy Saturday…

Last Saturday was a busy one for me and my little Z (and of course, with my sister as well :P). We got a last minute invite to the christening of my office mate’s baby who was a month younger than Z at Max’s Restaurant in Robinson’s Galleria then off to BGC for a meet up and a play date. We got home late night already (way past Z’s bedtime, actually.. Yikes!).

I didn’t know that Highstreet had an event that day – something about a photography event, so a lot of people were there. Even our usual hang out place – Bo’s Coffee –  was full. After three rounds, we found ourselves at Slice. They are located beside Jamba Juice, near the fountains. I thought that it was a good spot since it was near the fountains because my friend’s son loved playing there.

The place is nice. Nothing too fancy, I would say. We just ordered their cappuccino and tried a few of their cupcakes.

top left clockwise: very berry cupcake (i think), cappuccino, cappuccino cupcake, choco yema, slice facade (carmiscaprice.blogspot.com), choco peanut butter cupcake
top left clockwise: very berry cupcake (i think), cappuccino, cappuccino cupcake, choco yema cupcake, slice facade (source: carmiscaprice.blogspot.com), choco peanut butter cupcake

Their cupcakes are actually good (a little too sweet, according to my sister) but their coffee, there’s actually nothing special about it. I think their cappuccino was a tad bit overpriced even if they have included a small cup of refreshing juice and about a handful of granola mix (was not able to take a photo of it though).

What actually irked me was the service. My sister and I agreed that the service is way below the price range, so to speak. Suffice it to say that I cannot justify their menu prices with the kind of service that we experienced. Maybe it was a one off due to the number of people that day. Who knows.

We met with another office mate here with his daughter who had wanted to meet Z for the longest time. It was fun to watch Z that time because he let Ysay watch all of his antiques – he talked/yelled, smiled a lot with several of his very cute and funny facial expressions, he jumped and clapped and played. I think Ysay enjoyed their play time. 🙂

Finally! Ate Ysay met little Z :)
Finally! Ate Ysay met little Z 🙂

We decided to have dinner within the area since another friend and his family was coming for a play date. We were supposed to meet at around 5PM. Well, the 5PM became 730PM. I am going to spare you the details. We had dinner at Kabisera then let the kids run around for a while before we went home. They stayed back for a little while I was told. And yes, forgetful me. I forgot to take photos of the kids. Geez! Blame it on the heat and hunger. Haha! And to think that I have cleared up space in my phone’s memory just for picture taking. Oh well. I hope there will be a next time though.


I know Z enjoyed the day despite the heat. At the end of the day, he slept soundly. 🙂

good night world!
good night world!



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